Thursday, April 26, 2012

14 months today

Today Tera is 14 months old.  Every time I hear the word toddler I think to myself that it doesn't apply to Tera because she's still a baby, but I'm thinking 14 months does in fact fall into the toddler category.  As I told one of my classes this today, one of my students that I also had last year, commented that it seemed like I was just pregnant.  Oh how many things I didn't know back then. 

When Tera turned 13 months I pulled out her baby book all ready to update her information and realized that it only updates monthly for the first year.  I could probably tell myself that I could just start a scrapbook and custom design it and make a new book for year two, but let's not kid ourselves.  I still have a crosstitch that traditionally is done before the baby is born and a Christmas stocking that most definitely is traditionally done BEFORE Christmas, so I figure I might as well just do my updates on here seeing as how I already do this and would probably include everything here anyway. 

This past Tuesday Tera had a checkup with her endocrinologist for her thyroid.  Her levels all looked good and we don't need to adjust her medication at all so that was all good news.  They weighed and measured her and according to their scale, with all her clothes on, she was 18 lbs 15 oz.  This is about a full pound more than she was after she got sick with the pneumonia and then also after her stomach virus two weeks ago.  I'll probably check her with our scale this weekend just to see how the numbers compare and see how close the two numbers are.  This puts her in the, wait for it, the 4th percentile for weight! That's right, she went from the 2nd percentile all the way to the 4th! Her height, which is definitely hard to measure on small children, actually seems to have to gone down by a very small amount since her last checkup, but as I'm fairly certain she hasn't shrunk in the last four months, I'm guessing it just means she hasn't grown at all.  She's now down to the 11th percentile for height.  I'm getting kind of used to my petite little girl so these numbers down bother me, it's just who she is. 

She now pretty much eats any type of food.  And I mean ANY.  We have identified two foods that she doesn't seem to like and one that just doesn't seem like a good idea: Salmon, hard boiled eggs, and sweet Italian sausage (it was apparently still a little too spicy).  She seems to love mushrooms, kidney beans (which she eats right out of the can and by the handful), cheerios, noodles, lima beans, peas, chicken, grilled cheese, scrambled egg, tortillas, waffles, pancakes, peaches, pears, strawberries, bananas, and probably some other things I'm forgetting. 

This week alone she got her first tooth, started pulling herself up, and is just a little closer to crawling. We have a very nice relaxing weekend planned so we'll see what she can accomplish then.

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