Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ahh, memories

Today Tera had to get blood drawn for her endocrinologist appointment on Tuesday and she did great! They were finally able to find a vein so they could get the blood that way instead of having to do the torturous finger stick and after some tears when the needle went in (quite understandable) she was fine.  The hardest part, besides having to hold her still, was knowing that she was in any pain at all and of course that she has to go through this regularly.  But once again I remember that things could be so much worse and the whole experience only took about five minutes so all things considered, it was not a big deal. 

Earlier this week I had a doctor's appointment in the same building where Tera was born and stayed for the first seven days of her life.  I've been back there once before, about a year ago for my check up after she was born, but now a whole year has passed.  As I walked up to the elevator I passed by the little waiting room where we spent several evenings eating heated up leftovers or food people had picked up for us after I had been discharged and Tera was still in the NICU.  I rode up the elevator where I had ridden up by myself when I was in labor with her while Tom parked the car and where Tom and I had gone up and down from the floor my room was on to the one the NICU was on.  We had ridden that elevator at all hours of the day and night visiting and feeding her.  I had broken down in tears in there several times when the realization of what was happening hit me and when I was discharged and we were officially leaving the hospital without her. 

After my appointment I took the stairs back down and when I reached each of the floors where Tera and I had been, I saw the sitting area where Tom had told so many of our family and friends about Tera's diagnosis and that she was in the NICU and that only a few people could see her, and where we had camped out in between her feedings to catch up on some sleep and respond to emails about her updates. 

When I walked out of the building, the sun was shining and while I didn't have my girl with me, I knew that she was at school just waiting for me to pick her up.  Needless to say my 20 minute visit had left me quite emotional and nostalgic.  Fortunately I don't have to go there often or I would be a (bigger) mess. 
Look at that peach fuzz on her head!!!

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