Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Damn viruses

So we definitely have a sick girl on our hands again.  Seeing as how my petite little girl already gains weight slowly, I was getting worried about the amount of food exiting her body and the lack of food going in her body.  When I weighed her this morning, I was a little upset to see that she had lost over half of a pound since Sunday morning.  That may not seem like a lot to us adults (hell, many of us probably look forward to it) but when you're a mere 18 lbs, a half pound makes a difference.  When I dropped her off at school today, Tom and I pretty much placed bets as to when they would call us and tell us we had to pick her up.  I was a little off, but she did end up coming home early and spent the afternoon with her dad and at the doctor's. 

Once again the ever-popular virus has attacked.  This time in her stomach which would be the reason for all the upset.  Of course with viruses it's always kind of guessing, even by the doctor.  I'm always "relieved" when the doctor is puzzled by some of her symptoms; such as a random fever several days ago and the fact that she seemed to throw up undigested food hours after she had eaten it. 

So tomorrow I get to spend the day with my baby again, though I wish it was under better circumstances.  On my way home from work I started feeling down again about her having to be sick yet again.  When these thoughts entered my mind, I started thinking about another little girl, just a little younger than Tera, who also has Down Syndrome, who was just diagnosed with something far worse than a virus.  A little girl who, as I found out from her dad's blog today, was just found "healthy" enough to start treatments for her infinitely more serious illness.  As my thoughts wandered to this, it occurred to me that Tera's health while always my first concern, isn't in nearly the same danger as some other children and I need to try and keep that in perspective.  I'm not naive enough to think that when she is suffering, whether from a cold or virus or pneumonia, I will always keep this same perspective, but in my better moments I will try.

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