Friday, April 20, 2012

Just me and my girl

So tomorrow Tera and I are flying solo.  My very wonderful husband graciously offered to help my sister and brother-in-law move from Springfield back up to our lovely Chicagoland area and has to actually go down to Springfield to do that.  After some discussion we pretty much figured it didn't make sense for me to go down there with Tera because visiting wasn't going to happen and I'd be pretty much watching her the whole time, so a plan was devised.  Since Tom has hockey tonight and is usually wide awake for a while afterwards, they decided that he and my sister would drive down there tonight, they'd load the truck up tomorrow morning, and head back home tomorrow afternoon. 

For the past few days I've been wondering what Tera and I can do together and also how I was going to get stuff done.  And then it occurred to me, I did this for six months.  Before I went back to work, all I did for six straight months was take care of her by myself during the days, and we did just fine.  I'm not exactly sure what I thought was going to be different. 

Apparently my being a working mom has made me doubt my own ability to be just a mom and I don't like it.  When I was home with Tera last year I never wondered what I would do with myself or her for a day, things just happened.  During that time I wondered how I would make it through my day knowing I wasn't with her and now when I have the opportunity to have a day where it's just the two of us, I wonder what to do.  I've obviously had days home with her by myself since then, mostly when she's been sick, but for some reason this seemed different; probably because Tom was going to be gone overnight this time.  Either way, I'm not worried how we'll fill the day.  Usually things that used to take 15 minutes take an hour these days anyway.  As it is I'll have to shower and she needs a bath so that's at least two hours right there.  Also on our agenda is meeting my mom for coffee and grocery shopping. 

I will admit the grocery shopping with Tera was concerning me not because of her, but because our grocery store of choice is usually a mad house on the weekends. I'm not a person who loves crowds so I'm mostly not a fan of being there in general, but seeing Tera laugh, smile, and charm every person that walks by her should make the trip more interesting. 

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