Sunday, April 29, 2012

A little humor to end the weekend

Since I'm already dreading tomorrow, I'm going to finish out the weekend on a humorous note.  Do you ever experience something only to think to yourself that things like that only happen on sitcoms? That would be our morning today. *Disclaimer: if you are not a fan of poop stories, you may want to skip over this one. 

I got up with Tera, gave her her bottle and we relaxed a little in bed.  We had plans to go visit my sister and brother-in-law at their new place with my grandma so while not rushed, we wanted to move things along.  She ate breakfast and then I had to give her a bath before we left. 

To preface this story, changing Tera lately, whether it's clothes or just her diaper, has rivaled something from WWF wrestling.  There is yelling, laughing, crying, and frustration involved most times.  She had spent the morning pooping every 45 minutes so I was already tired of our little matches, but I got her out of her clothes and into the tub.  I have to admit, I was already a little worried about bath time because as I said, she had been pooping every 45 minutes.  We've already experienced one pooping in the tub incident and I was slightly concerned that today there would be an encore performance.  She had been playing for a few minutes when the tell tale look appeared on her face.  Tom was in the bathroom with me so he left immediately to go get the litter scooper for the cat (as I said, she's done this before and this seemed to work the best for clean up) and clean it off to use in case we needed it.  Within minutes it had happened.  I moved her to the other end of the tub while we started draining the water and fortunately it was easy to clean up. 

At that point I decided play time was over and we just needed to get her cleaned up and out of there.  So I started shampooing her hair and all of a sudden I realized she was going to do it again.  And she did.  Twice.  This time, we were not so fortunate on the clean up front.  There was no way we could clean it up quickly, she had to come out of the tub.  With the shampoo in her hair.  So I was holding our dripping wet kid with the sudsy hair on the sink in the bathroom while Tom attempted to clean up the poop fragments in the tub.  Not only did this kid not stop moving, but she was slippery and she can't really stand up for that long.  She was also laughing and trying to make faces at herself in the mirror behind her.  I was alternating having her stand in the sink and on the counter top all the while yelling for Tom to hurry up because she still had shampoo in her hair and was dripping and slippery.  He's yelling that he's trying and she was still laughing and smiling.  As he finished up, she proceeded to pee all over me and the bathroom sink.  At that point, I almost couldn't hold her up anymore because she was still slippery and wiggling and then I was laughing hysterically, as was Tom, while trying to scoop out the poop.  He got the tub cleaned up, we put her back in, and she proceeded to try and pull herself up to stand while I had to wash her off.  So then he's holding her down, I'm spraying her down, and she's still laughing and trying to stand up. 

We finally get her out of the tub and back in her room and we then reentered the world of wrestling.  Tom had to hold her down again while I got  her dried up and dressed and we finally we were able to put her down and we both just wanted to collapse. 

About ten minutes later my grandma arrived to an angelic looking little girl who you never would have imagined could have just caused the chaos she had.

We now have to go fall into bed from the exhaustion we both feel after chasing around the Energizer bunny that we call Tera. 


  1. Reading that made me laugh so hard!!! :)

  2. I just want to start by saying that I love reading your gives me a peek into a world that I know little about. I marvel at your strength & totally understand your frustration because I am also a mother & now a grandmother but what continues to amaze me is how if I did not know that Tera had DS I would think you were just a mother writing about her daughter! I come from a different generation & grew up either not discussing DS or having little or no interest in learning about my mind kids with DS are so different then kids without it but in reality they are only a little different & being a little different is OK! I look forward to continue reading about Tera & truly appreciate how you gently educate me about something I admit I knew nothing about! :)