Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some improvement on the virus front

So Tera seems to be feeling a little better, but we're still not sure about her status for school tomorrow.  This would be one of those days that really makes me not want to go back to work tomorrow.  Any day that I get to spend at home with her, even when she's sick and makes me a little crazy because she won't nap, makes it harder to leave the next day; especially when I know she's still not 100%.  And I can't even say I got my snuggle time today.  As sweet as my baby is, she's not really a snuggler unless she's sick or already asleep; she just moves too much! And today unfortunately, even though she was sick, she just wasn't in a snuggling mood. 

But hey, the best part about going back to work tomorrow is that we have parent-teacher conferences! (I know sarcasm can be difficult to read in text so I'll just come out and say that was indeed sarcasm)

On top of there being conferences tomorrow night, I will have to catch up on stuff that I missed today.  See, when you're a teacher and you miss a day, planned or unplanned, you have work to do to get ready for not being there and then you have more work to do to catch up from not being there.  Really the only way you can avoid this is the ever popular movie showing.  But alas, if that were my plan each day I was gone this year, I think my students would only actually finish about a semester of math. 

As for tonight, I plan on taking my melatonin, using my relaxing scented hand cream, and cracking the window in the hopes of a good night's sleep.  For anybody wondering, the melatonin was recommended to me by a friend and it really does work to help relax my mind.  The honey milk scented "relaxing" hand cream may or may not actually do anything, but it smells nice and makes my hands softer.  The open window is because I always sleep better when I can snuggle under my sheets and at this time of the year, the smell of the air outside is soothing to me.  Typically as soon as Tom hears me slide the window open (which is right above my side of the bed and when I say crack I mean it's open about an inch) he whimpers and claims I'm trying to kill him.  Really what it means is that because we have to have flannel sheets on the bed from October until May, I end up waking up in a full body sweat.  To avoid this, and to actually get a decent night's sleep, I open the window a teeny bit.  He'll sleep fine no matter what so while I do lose sleep over many things, I don't on this (he'll be scowling at me when he reads this). 

Here's to a good night's sleep and a healthier baby when we wake up tomorrow morning.  And I'm hoping that when she wakes up, it's a little later than this morning when she started waking up around 4:10 am...

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