Friday, April 13, 2012


Wow has this been an interesting week.  Tera has been sick and/or not feeling well since pretty much last Sunday.  I was home with her on Wednesday and Tom was home with her today.  She seems to be mostly recovered from the stomach virus, and may or may not be currently suffering from the side effects of her chicken pox and MMR vaccines last week (they have a 5-12 day window from the time of the shots) with a fever and general discomfort and irritability. 

A good friend of mine shared with me this piece of information that was passed on to her by her daycare provider:  kids tend to feel most comfortable with their moms so when they don't feel well, that's typically who they feel the most comfortable being a pain in the butt with.  Those aren't the exact words, but basically the idea is that kids don't have to try and pretend to be happy or feel better than they really do with their moms and so they might be crabbier with their moms than anybody else.  It kind of makes sense and can be reassuring in a way.  But at the same time I feel like I had to carry her for 39 weeks, I had to give birth to her, I had to recover from giving birth to her, I do most of the dirty work, and she still smiles at Tom when she's sick and whines non stop for me. 

Perfect example: Wednesday when I was home with her, she started waking up around 4:15am and napped for exactly one hour total the whole day.  Today when she was home with Tom, she slept until 7am and napped for three hours.  And the absolute worst part? The part that he really shouldn't have shared with me? That she was super cuddly and snuggly this morning with him and not at all with me on Wednesday.  The one thing I look forward to the most when I'm home with her!!! Seriously kid? I'm still trying to get rid of the those last stubborn pounds and stretch marks from you!

Ok, I got it out.  But if that kid knows what's best for her, I will get some kisses and smiles tomorrow along with minimal to no whining. 

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