Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thank you!!!!

While the weather sucked outside, we had a perfectly wonderful day.  Tom got up with Tera this morning allowing me at least a few extra minutes of half-sleep (I'll take what I can get) and then somehow, Tera fell back asleep in our bed a little after 7am for over a half hour! I can't remember her doing that since she was seven or eight months old, but it worked out really well because she got a little bit of a nap in before we had to run errands.  We picked up coffee, went grocery shopping, picked up a few things at the mall, and picked up our newly framed picture for our living room.  This afternoon my brother-in-law and sister-in-law stopped by for a visit with Tera and she got to play with her aunt and uncle. 

It was a relaxing start to the day, we got some stuff done, but we weren't crazy busy.  Now tonight we're just sitting back at home and watching another hockey game.  I'm not sure our TV will know what to do once the playoffs are done.

One thing that I wanted to do tonight though was take a minute and really thank every single person that has donated and/or registered as a member of Team Tera for the Gigi's Playhouse 5K Fun Run/Walk.  Last year Tom and I were completely blown away by the support and donations we got for Team Tera which ended up totalling just a little over $5000! Not bad considering Tera was only four months old at the time.  This year we set our goal at $5000, but we're hoping we can do just a little better than that and the support we've received already shows us that we just might be able to do that. 

This was a really great event last year because there is something for everyone.  We came in 3rd place last year and ended up getting our own tent.  We had about fifteen people registered and obviously a ton of donations.  This year we already have over thirty people registered for our team! We have such an incredible support system and this event is just one outstanding example of that.

The really great part about this is that we have people that we don't even know donating to us.  Obviously the donations are great, but it also means that awareness is being spread to that many more people.  I've received multiple emails from people both last year and this year telling us what a great organization Gigi's is and how they know other people who've benefited from Gigi's services and support. 

I just can't even describe well enough how much everything everyone has done for this has meant to us.  Our team consists of family, friends, friends of our family, family of our friends, former students, and coworkers.  After Tera was born this event gave me something positive to focus on while I was still dealing with the news of her diagnosis and the support everyone gave us just reminded me how we'll always be able to handle anything that comes our way.  This year I just feel an overwhelming urge to make sure that the organization that has welcomed us and helped us through the past year, is able to continue doing that for other families. 

If you are still interested in joining or donating, please visit our team site at:

The event takes place Sunday June 10th at the Arboretum in South Barrington.  Registration starts at 7:30 am and is $25 for adults and $10 for kids before the day of the event and $35 for adults the day of the event.  Tom and I are co-chairing from the McHenry Playhouse for the first time and we're very excited to be helping out this year.  We also just found out that Lauren Potter from Glee will be at the walk and will be visiting all the top teams! Should be a great day!

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