Monday, April 23, 2012

Well hello Dr.

Today was just another day in the life of Tera.  Another day and another doctor visit.

The day started off well enough.  Very well in fact considering it was a Monday and we all know my disdain for Mondays.  But on the way to work I just kept thinking about Tera's new tooth (I know it seems silly to be this excited for a tooth, we've just been waiting a long time it seems) and when I would think about that I would picture this new face she makes where she looks really far to one to side with just her eyes (I think she just figured out her eyes could do that) and it looks like she's making shifty eyes.  It was literally making me laugh out loud while in the car by myself.  Also, we have a little bit of an easier week because of PSAE's so we only have three actual days of classes and that was making today being a Monday much easier to take than usual. I wouldn't have thought I would have been in as good a mood as I was considering I haven't slept well in three nights, but for whatever the reason, I was in a good mood. 

The day went by fairly easily and I left right after school to run to Target since we're busy the rest of the week.  When I was about ten minutes away from the store, Tera's school called and said she had pink eye.  I hung up frustrated that yet again she was being sent home sick and that I was going to have to miss yet another day of work.  After calling Tom, we decided it was a good idea to take her to the doctor and since I had left early, I actually had time to get her into the walk-in hours. 

The doctor told me he was sure she didn't have pink eye but that she probably is just suffering from congestion again, due either to a cold or allergies, and it's literally coming out her eyes.  Another $15 later, we have a note saying that she does not have pink eye and can actually go back to school tomorrow.  We think this may be around the fifth time they've thought she had pink eye, and I completely understand their position, don't get me wrong, it's just frustrating because I don't think she's ever actually had it. 

So here's how our next week or so goes.  Today was an unexpected doctor visit, tomorrow is her check up with her endocrinologist, Wednesday she has two therapies, Thursday she has speech therapy, and then we have a few days off before she goes to an allergist for the first time to see if we can't identify some of her issues and hopefully alleviate some of this congestion and eye craziness.  The best part of the allergist appointment? They told us to plan for a 2-3 hour visit.  How the hell I'm supposed to distract and/or entertain an antsy one year old for that long remains to be seen.  She could barely contain herself for the twenty minute visit we had today. 

And now for our good news for the day:  apparently Tera pulled herself to standing while in her crib at school today! We were able to witness it a little later tonight and it's just so incredible to see how she can not be doing something at all one day and then do it constantly the next day.  She continues to amaze us literally every day, in so many ways.

She was intently watching the Hawks pre-game

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