Sunday, April 22, 2012

When will she...

I have a few different ideas floating around my head right now, so I'll just see where this goes.

I had a fabulous day with Tera yesterday; she was so good, but I forgot what it's like to spend a day with her when she's healthy, that kid doesn't stop moving! I was exhausted by the end of the day.  We visited with my mom and aunt for coffee, went grocery shopping, and then went to visit my sister and brother-in-law at their new house. 

We were able to see their beautiful new home, pick up Tom so he didn't have to drive home after his three hours of sleep and moving, and visit with two of Tera's three grandpas.  By the time we got home, Tera was completely asleep and Tom and I were ready for bed.  At 8:45 I made some popcorn, headed up to bed, we watched the first period of Hawks game, and we both fell asleep. 

Today was a wonderfully relaxing day filled with a lot of, "what do we want to do now?" This is very unusual for us and so it was a very welcome problem.  I was finally able to sit down at one point and look through the list of strategies that her therapists had come up with during her one year review a month ago.  There are multiple pages of things for us to be working on and I've found it helpful in the past to highlight the things we want to focus on. 

Unfortunately the past few days have been somewhat more difficult for me where her development is concerned.  While I know that she will eventually do most of the things other kids do, and that it just may take her longer, sometimes that's a harder pill to swallow than other days.  Most of the time I just accept that her development is at her own pace and I'm fine with it.  Then there are other stretches when I wonder how long it will take her to be able to do the same things other kids her age are doing.  Two or three of my bigger concerns now are crawling, walking, and any kind of communication.

I sometimes feel like she isn't close to crawling just because she doesn't really have a reason to.  This kid can scoot along the floor on her belly super fast and I wonder what her motivation will be to not just keep doing that.  Slightly more concerning is the fact that I don't think she's anywhere near walking.  It's hard for me sometimes to hear people say that I should just count my blessings because as soon as she's walking she gets into everything.  And that's easy to say when your kid is already doing it.  Mine isn't and won't be for some time.  She just doesn't seem to have the lower body strength and I really wonder when it will happen. 

The biggest reason I am anxious for this is because whenever we go somewhere, mostly public places, and she starts to get antsy, we can't just put her down and let her stretch out.  We have to hold her or at most, let her sit in a high chair or regular chair and it gets really frustrating for all of us because she just gets cranky and we get uncomfortable trying to hold in her less restrictive positions. 

Communication is a tough one for me too.  I'm not expecting words by any means; but I'd settle for a sound different from "b".  She doesn't even really say "d's" anymore and she definitely has not added any new sounds.  I'm also wondering when it is reasonable for her to be able to start signing or even recognize the signs we've been using for a while. 

However, despite all these concerns, we did have one really exciting development tonight.  And when I say exciting I mean Tom and I were literally on the phone with our moms moments after the discovery.

She has a tooth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the tender age of just about 14 months, our little stink finally has her first tooth! Tom thought he felt it earlier tonight and we confirmed it after dinner.  I don't remember the last time we were both so excited.  

So she now has almost one tooth and we can finally legitimately attribute things to teething without laughing at ourselves.  I'm really hoping by the time she has speech on Thursday for the first time in a month, she's added the letter "m" into her repertoire, but I'm not holding my breath...

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