Monday, April 9, 2012

Which infection is it this time?

So the guessing game begins again.  What game is that? Oh, it's just the Guess What's Wrong with Tera This Time game.  It started on Thursday when she started running a 101.5 degree fever at school.  Since we would have needed a doctor note to bring her back on Friday, I stayed home with her.  She became a picky eater right around this time.  You have to understand, my child eats EVERYTHING.  Last week she tried bleu cheese and asiago cheese and didn't even react, she just wanted more.  There have been nights when we've wondered how much she really would eat if we didn't just stop giving her food.  But starting on Thursday, she didn't want much of anything.

Friday I was home with her and she acted pretty normal all day, except for the food situation.  She played and was happy.  Her first nap was interrupted by what I can only describe as roughly half her body weight deciding it had to exit her body and enter her diaper.  The poor kid woke up screaming and her morning nap had only lasted a half hour.  She didn't eat much lunch and her afternoon nap was fairly normal.  Friday night was our annual egg coloring event at our other family's house.  Considering she wasn't feeling 100% and hadn't napped normally, she did pretty well.  But she still didn't eat much. 

On Saturday we went out to get our grocery shopping done before the crowds became unbearable.  She barely made it to the car before falling asleep and proceeded to sleep for almost two hours.  We picked up lunch, brought it to Tom's brother's house and Tera ate only baby food (better than what she had been eating, but still less than what she normally eats).  We went to a birthday part where again she got very tired.  She slept in the car, but woke up when we tried to lay her in her crib.  We didn't really know what to expect for the rest of the evening. 

Tom and I both had dishes to prepare for our Easter brunch the next day, but Tera was increasingly cranky and again, hadn't eaten much.  It's important to note here that I understand that most kids go through phases of not eating.  I know it in my rational mind that is.  The rest of my mind wonders how a kid that normally eats a ton and gains very little weight, is going to gain any weight when she's not eating even half as much.  Each meal I go through this little mental exercise when she starts throwing her food on the floor and refusing to eat anything. 

We finally got her ready for bed, she experienced another bout of tears due to a stomach evacuation, and we just looked at each other exhausted and finally climbed into bed.  She woke before 6 on Sunday morning, only slept for 30 minutes for her morning nap, and sent me into an emotional spiral when I thought about how she hates napping when people are there, how she still wasn't eating, and for various other reasons I still can't identify.  I was kind of a weepy mess. 

Easter was fabulous.  The food was delicious, it was beautiful outside, our family was with us, and my baby girl looked beautiful in her dress.  My mom finally got her down for another nap, after two more bouts of hysterical tears due to yet more stomach distress, and she woke up much happier, but still not really hungry.  Sunday night she played well and we put her to bed.  I had started noticing that a few times throughout the day she was cocking her head to the left and almost rubbing her ear on her shoulder. 

She was pretty normal this morning when we left the house, but when I called school to check on her, she hadn't been herself all day.  She still wasn't eating and was somewhat cranky.  We got a call later in the day because she had a diaper blow out.  Then another call saying her eye was draining.  When I picked her up, she was not her usual smiley self.  She was cranky most of the night, still not eating much, and now I'm wondering if she has an ear infection, a reaction to her shots last week, both, or neither and something else all together.

The only thing harder than putting my sleeping baby down, is putting down my sleeping baby who isn't feeling well...

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