Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yes, it's different now

I've taken the past few days off from writing.  I needed some time to rest and gather my thoughts.  Unfortunately right now, they seem to be all over. 

Today is my last day of Spring Break.  I wouldn't necessarily call it restful, but I got some things done, was able to do a few things I wanted, and was able to spend some quality time with Tom and Tera the past four days.  On Friday my mom was nice enough (I really had to twist her arm) to take Tera over night so Tom and I could go out to dinner and sleep in.  Dinner was at one of our favorite restaurants and was fabulous.  We came home, watched a movie, and slept in all the way until 7 on Saturday! This would be because even when our child isn't home with us, our pets are and they are not conducive to sleeping in either. 

Then we got coffee, stopped at a local craft show (where I did in fact buy an Easter decoration!) and then picked up our girl.  One of the things that has come up more in the past few days, and not necessarily in a negative way, was how much our lives have changed since Tera was born. 

As a result of my being in general a bad sleeper, I always seem to feel tired.  This could also be attributed to all the stress and scheduling that goes along with my sweet girl, but the lack of quality sleep doesn't help.  Before Tera was born, I used to at least try and nap when I was this tired and when the idea of curling up in my bed under a blanket until I dozed off was overwhelmingly tempting, it was somewhat of a possibility.  Not so much anymore.  At this point in her life, you would think that might be a possibility again, but since my kid doesn't ever stop moving, she's not really in a cuddling mood unless she's sick. 

We now schedule grocery shopping and other errands around nap time.  We have annoying baby songs stuck in our heads, my shower is full of bath toys, our living room and basement have been overtaken by toys, at any given time I may find a puke rag in my bed, and our vacation plans now involve places that are kid-friendly, I have spent less money at Express and more at Baby Gap and our conversations with our friends have way more advice on baby gear than good restaurants.  We spend more money on daycare than car payments. 

But...when I'm dragged out of bed before 6am on the weekend, I'm dragged out by the sweetest smile ever.  When we're running errands, she happily sits in the cart and smiles constantly at us.  She's brought our family closer together than we ever thought we could be and has inspired more people than I ever imagined and has been proof that our friends are the best kind.  When I pick her up from that expensive day care and she hears my voice, she whips her head around and gives me the biggest smile and when she flashes that million dollar smile at her dad, it absolutely melts my heart.  She's an incredibly motivated kid that has brought her dad and I closer together and reaffirmed that we can in fact handle anything thrown at us. 

So yes, I do miss those napping opportunities and spur of the moment plans.  It would be nice to have more cash on hand and go out for more of those "nice" dinners.  But I wouldn't trade any of those things for the love we have for our baby. 

And now for three things we learned about Tera today:
1.) She will poop in the bathtub.
2.) Despite the fact that she's eaten literally everything we've given her, she's not ready for jalapenos.
3.) She can make it on one slightly long nap, but by 6pm she's pretty much done for the day. 

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