Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feeling lucky

There are stretches of time when self-pity sets in, warranted or not, and I feel like life just sucks.  There are other times when I realize how incredibly lucky I am and I can’t imagine what I might have done in life to deserve what I have.  Fortunately, this weekend brought on the lucky feeling.  It was a weekend filled with family and friends, relaxation and productivity, and just an all around good feeling. 

On Saturday while at my inlaw’s for a BBQ, Tera was able to spend time with her grandparents, aunts and uncles, and her one of her two closest buddies.  She has two “BFFs” as determined by us upon their birth.  I know this sounds ridiculous but I’m sure everyone has friends of their family that just become their family and this is the case with Danica and Harper.  Harper is only two weeks younger than Tera, lives a few blocks away, goes to the same daycare as Tera, and her parents are very good friends of ours.  When Harper’s mom and I were pregnant together, we joked how they would be best friends and go through school together.  Then they were in the same classroom at school and by spending most of their time together, really did become very good friends.  They get excited to see each other, they play well together, and it’s somebody Tera gets to see regularly.  Danica is the daughter of our best friend and is six months younger than Tera.  Tom is Danica’s godfather and Danica’s dad is Tera’s oddfather (we’re slightly nontraditional).  Their family is our family and vice versa.  Danica does not live as close, but we do see her regularly and we spend at least part of most holidays with her and her family.  Even though Danica is six months younger than Tera, since Tera is a little delayed, they are pretty much at the same stage and so it works out really well when they are together also. 
One of the best parts of having two other little girls that are so close in age to Tera, is that they will never know her as anything other than just their friend.  I think one of the most common fears I’ve read about, and definitely one I’ve experienced, is how Tera will make friends and how they will treat her.  It’s such a relief to me knowing that she will already have two people who, knowing their parents, will treat her with nothing but love, compassion, and an understanding that she is no different from them. 

The second part of my “lucky” weekend came on Sunday.  While sitting in our bedroom waiting for Tera to wake up from a nap, I glanced around our room and declared that I was tired of our furniture.  We had bought it after we got married and while it wasn’t cheap to buy, it was apparently cheaply made and is already showing way more wear than it should by now.  It also doesn’t fit well in our room because when we bought it, we were sure that we would never have a bedroom smaller than the one we had at the time.  Well we do.  And it doesn’t fit.  The paint that we used when we painted originally, ended up needing seven coats and it still doesn’t look great and there are marks on it everywhere.  So basically I was frustrated with our whole setup. Tom innocently said we might as well just replace it with stuff from Ikea so at least if something goes wrong we won’t feel like we wasted a lot and from there the ball just started rolling.
Before Tera was born we had redone the floors in her room and knew at the time that they would need to be done in our bedroom and also the other bedroom upstairs.  The new furniture discussion started the process of realizing we might as well just redo the floors, and while we’re at it, paint.  Yesterday we took a trip out to Ikea just to price out what we would want and what we’ve ended up with is quite the project, but that when all said and done, will give us the equivalent of two more closets in our room (the closets in our house suck) and we’ll have redone floors and have new paint. 

 Why does this make me feel lucky? Well besides the fact that I’ll finally have all my clothes in one room, just the fact that we can decide something like this and can actually do it all, makes me thankful for the decisions we’ve made (except buying original bedroom furniture) and how we live our life. 
It was definitely a great weekend with some much needed family time, couple time, and now I only have to make it through two days and a few hours  before my life becomes exponentially easier and more enjoyable because I get to spend more time with my girl!

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