Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just more craziness

So I had a few days off from posting mostly due to a very busy weekend.  Today is one of those days when I once again wonder and reflect whether I’m being a cautious mom, or a neurotic mom.  My husband would immediately say neurotic, but maybe not necessarily for the same reason that I’m thinking I might be.  Of course when I started writing this on Tuesday night, my normally easy going little girl was crying hysterically when she should have been sleeping, yet another indication that all is not well with her.

She’s been congested and coughing for over three weeks now and despite numerous visits to doctors for various reasons, nobody seems to be able to tell us why other than she probably just has a cold.  After yet another visit this past Sunday morning for what I was sure was an ear infection (liquidy orange goo from her ear seemed like a bad sign to me), the doctor told us she didn’t have an ear infection or a sinus infection but just to keep an eye on her.  I emailed her ENT Monday to ask his opinion and based on her charts, he thinks she does have a sinus infection and ear infection.  He sent in a prescription for an antibiotic and some drops and we’re supposed to take her in in about two to three weeks for a follow up. 
It’s not that I don’t trust the other doctors we’ve seen; they’ve always been very good with Tera.  But I also feel that after three weeks of coughing, there should be some explanation.  Monday morning was a horrible example when she started this horrific coughing around 4am that continued until I had to wake her up at 5:30. 

Then last night was just completely bizarre.  She seemed very tried earlier than usual so I put her to bed while Tom ran to the store.  As tired as she was, she had a very hard time going down.  There was lots of crying and I couldn’t seem to do anything to get her to go to sleep.  Finally I tried giving her some more of her bottle and she finally calmed down and went to sleep.  But then about 45 minutes later she started crying again.  This happens pretty regularly with her and usually we can just give her a few minutes and she goes back to sleep on her own, occasionally we have to go up and pat her back for a few minutes.  Not last night.  After Tom spent a while trying to get her back down, he decided to just let her try and cry it out.  After about 7 minutes of that (yes we were watching the time) I decided if she kept it up she wouldn’t be able to breathe with all her congestion and I went up.  I then had to use what little energy I had just to hold onto her as she contorted her body in all directions.  Then Tom took over again and tried walking with her.  Finally, I caved and tried giving her more of her bottle.  That mostly worked but every time I thought she was asleep and pulled the bottle out, she woke up and started crying.  When she finished that she was still crying.  Not knowing what else to try, Tom turned on Sesame Street and she immediately went into a trance until she finally fell asleep.  We had a few more minor episodes right after that, but then she was out until morning. 

Then we have tonight.  We had a lovely dinner out with our friends only to come home to dog poop on the floor.  After cleaning it up and spending some time on the floor with Tera, I was convinced there was more somewhere because I could smell it.  It turns out Jaina had stepped on it and had it on her feet.  We then had to change all Tera’s clothes, Tom had to take Jaina out and clean her up, then we had to clean up inside. 

At this particular moment, I think I have more to say, but I literally can’t keep my eyes open and this post has now taken me two days to write.  Maybe tomorrow night I can actually get something done, we won’t have any crises, and I can articulate the rest of my thoughts. 

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