Thursday, May 17, 2012

My horrible, no good, very bad afternoon

My day was going alright until about 4pm today.  I had to go to a doctor appointment I didn't want to go to then got stuck in traffic on the way to pick up Tera.  When I got there, Tera was standing in her crib; on a time out.  Yes that's right, my child had to be separated from the other kids because she has become a chronic hair puller.  She has some days that are worse than others, but it's always a problem and apparently when she does it too much, this is what they do.  I'm not upset about the punishment, at the age of one there aren't too many ways to punish a child.  I'm upset because I don't want my kid to be the problem kid.  I suppose there are worse things she could be, like a biter or a hitter, but somehow the fact that she's only 15 months old and only has one tooth so far don't make me feel any better.

I hate knowing that she's doing something she's not supposed to be and that it's to someone else.  I'm on the receiving end of that hair pulling frequently and it's not comfortable.  Now I have to start looking into solutions because as of late she really seems to find the word and sign for "no" hysterical.  One of the things I've always feared about having kids was having one that wasn't well behaved.  I understand she's only one but I'm also very conscious of the fact that kids with DS can be stubborn and she may not process things the same way as other kids do.  I never want somebody else (besides her teachers) to have to police her so I need to find a way to curtail this behavior. 

 I was also told that she's starting to drink juice from a sippy cup, something else I'm not terribly thrilled about.  Her speech therapist told us the muscles used for speech are better developed using a straw instead of a sippy cup.  We only use straw cups at home and it's not that sippy cups are detrimental to her speech development, it's just that the straws are better.  We're also not fans of juice.  There's no health benefit to it at this age and she doesn't need it, but we've been told that DCFS rules state that they have to offer it to her.  For the past few weeks, she's refused it and we haven't had to worry, but apparently in the past few days she's decided to try it. 

After I got all this news I had to sit in traffic again to drop off yet another prescription.  When I did finally get home, the dog had pooped on the floor again.  While I was in the middle of cleaning that up I heard the clank of her dish which meant Tera was playing with it again.  Usually this is just a nuisance, but today of course, was the one day that Jaina hadn't finished her food, or new medication, and Tera had managed to sneak some of the food in her mouth (fortunately missing the medication).  I had to run over to her, scrape all the dog food out of her mouth, then go back to cleaning up the poop.  It was then that Tom came home. 

As I sat in our dining room on the verge of tears, and then in tears, Tom offered to take me to dinner, which I was too tired for.  Ice cream from Dairy Queen on the other hand was too much to pass up.

So as I sit here my to-do list is streaming through my head.  Tomorrow is another day and all I can do is hope that tomorrow goes better. 


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