Saturday, May 5, 2012

When to tell...

Oh what a day.  Our morning was relaxing enough.  Tera took a nap around 9:30 and since I was exhausted, I tried to take one too.  And by tried I mean I woke up over an hour later.  Apparently I was also tired.  We ran our errands, came back, and Tera napped again.  After her morning nap, I discovered some lovely orange goo coming from her ear from what I can only guess is an ear infection.  This would be her 4th one since getting tubes which means I'll probably have to get a hold of her ENT next week because I'm pretty sure that shouldn't happen more AFTER she gets tubes. 

On the plus side, since it is Tera, you would never even know from from her demeanor.  Another plus, is that our doctor's office has Sunday walk-in hour so it looks like our lazy Sunday morning will include yet another trip to the doctor.  I'm not one to complain about insurance because mine is about as good as you can possibly get, but I'm not sure I really want to count up the amount of money we've spent in the last month in prescriptions and office co-pays. 

This afternoon we went to a Cinco de Mayo party and Tera did great.  She got a little fussy around 7pm, but that wasn't too surprising considering it was kind of noisy and there was a lot going on.  The part that made me think was how many kids there were around.  There were a lot and a few of them were right around Tera's age.  Several of the slightly older kids came to sit with her and play and it was very sweet.  At one point, a little boy who was about 10 months old was also on the floor and so we were talking with his parents.  He and Tera were about the same size (though four months apart) and he was crawling and pulling himself on various things.  We had a few questions about whether she's crawling yet and of course comparing all the trouble they get into.  On the way home Tom and I were both kind of thinking the same thing.  Whenever we're around other people that we don't know, and that aren't part of our DS community, we wonder when or if to tell them about Tera's having DS.  We certainly don't open the conversation with it, and we're by no means hiding it, but it's always tricky to figure out when and how or if to bring it up. 

In situations like tonight when lots of people we don't know are asking what she's doing we certainly don't need to go through it with everyone.  There are times when people we're around are friends of our friends or family and do happen to know.  Then there are times when it seems fairly obvious they don't know.  We never want people to feel uncomfortable or awkward, but at times, it would answer a lot of questions up front that people may be wondering. 

I do think it may be apparent to more people as she gets older that she has DS just by her features, but it's hard for me to tell whether people can tell by looking at her or not.  I know as she continues to get older, it will probably be more and more obvious and these questions may not come up as much.  Or it may just bring up more (and from what I've read from other parents, the questions may get more and more bizarre). 

Either way, it was a really nice evening and Tera did very well.  I do love knowing that we have such a personable daughter that is easy to be around and while a little mischievous at times, is so very easy-going and good-natured. 

Tomorrow we have another gathering as we see our niece get baptized.  I'm very excited and am looking forward to it.  Hopefully Tera is as good tomorrow as she was today and with any luck, we'll only have one anti-biotic to give her when we leave the doctor...

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