Monday, June 18, 2012

Back to reality

I should be paying bills right now but I'm way overdue for a post. 

We had an amazing few days away.  Days where I literally didn't worry about anything and I'm not used to that feeling.  Talk about a bittersweet end though; I was missing Tera, but the idea of going back to reality, worry, bills, and problems was almost too much.  I had a hard time on the way back home trying to reconcile those feelings.  I was in such desperate need of the time away and when it was over I had to figure out how to go back to it all.  I'm not a good end-of-vacationer.  I'm not good with transitions in general as is evident by my weekly neurotic Sunday night meltdowns.  But I managed to muddle through and was so happy to see my baby. 

Unfortunately that baby hadn't napped well and was cranky, then our garage door broke, then at her ENT appointment on Friday we found out one of her tubes was out and I now have to schedule her for another procedure which means putting her under again, then she wasn't herself again on Saturday which I eventually figured out was because she got her second tooth; a molar.  I know, many of you will be thinking to yourself that molars aren't the second teeth to come in so here's another lesson in Down Syndrome: their teeth have a tendency to come in in the wrong order. 

Which is probably also why she's been a terror when it's come time for any type of sleep today.  She was exhausted by the time her morning nap came around because her speech therapy pushed it back a little.  However, despite her exhaustion, she refused to go to sleep, for over an hour.  She finally passed out on our bed while I was trying to get her to sleep while watching Sesame Street.  Unfortunately I had to kind of wake her up after an hour and a half because if she sleeps too long in the morning, she has a tendency to not sleep in the afternoon and that never ends well.  By late this afternoon she was showing signs of needing a nap again but it was an exact repeat of the morning.  Two hours after I initially tried putting her down, she finally fell asleep; at 5:00.  So then we had to wake her up after about 45 minutes because again, it would throw her off completely for bed time.  So after spending much of the evening tired and whiny, we tried putting her to bed.  Which ended up being an exact repeat of both nap times.  I'm currently listening to her cry hysterically waiting to see if she'll wear herself down.  Just what I was hoping for after a nice day of poor napping.  So yes, vacation has worn off. 

On the plus side, we had a very nice Father's Day as a family.  Tom didn't want to do much and we didn't.  We took Tera outside for a little while to blow bubbles, her new fun thing, and had a nice relaxing day at home.  I'm trying to remember the peacefulness of that day right now. 

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