Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New shoes!

Tera currently has four therapists; physical, developmental, occupational, and speech.  They really do cover every area you can imagine.  This has both positive and negative aspects to it.  The biggest negative would be that we have to actually fit four therapies into our schedule, which by the time I go back to work, will be each one of these weekly.  It's become a very routine part of our lives, but it's also a reminder of how Tera is different.  I don't often come across other moms, except at Gigi's, where the topic of conversation is how everyone fits the various therapy techniques into their routines or who's working on what gross motor skill or feeding technnique this week. 

On the plus side, we do have access to a team of professionals for pretty much any developmental and oftentimes health related issues.  We know there are trained people watching her progress at every stage and making sure she is doing it correctly and catching any issues that she may develop. 

However, even along with that plus, I still feel like I should check in with her therapists on some of the most routine types of things that parents do to make sure we're not doing something that will hinder her progress. 

What made me think of all of this is that we had to buy Tera shoes.  Now anyone who knows me is probably still in shock that she hasn't been wearing them since she was discharged from the hospital.  I have been known to have a bit of a problem showing restraint in the footwear department, however, everything I've read says that babies shouldn't learn how to walk with shoes first, and to be perfectly honest, I'm obsessed with her feet and really can't bear to not be able to see them.  But at daycare they want kids who are standing to be wearing shoes with rubber soles so they had to be bought and here's where the therapists come in.  I felt like I should check with her PT to make sure I was getting something that would be ok for her to walk in (when she's ready).  I'm not reallly saying I think this is a good or bad thing, it's just a reminder that things are different for us (and by the way, she actually got two pairs...). 

When I need to buy her straw cups I check with her speech therapist, when we made her Christmas and birthday lists we checked with all of them to make sure we were getting things that would actually help her, even when choosing a car seat we asked for input to make sure she would be properly protected given her low tone.  But it's not just buying things and I've mentioned this before, it's play time.  Just this morning I was sitting on the floor playing with her and the whole time I was thinking I should be working with her on something, but I couldn't think of what.  I realized that she had been doing pretty well with pointing to her nose and tummy when asked, but then we stopped practicing for a bit and now she doesn't seem to be able to do it anymore.  She loves looking at books but often doesn't have the patience to sit and actually read one; though she is very good at turning pages which is a developmental skill apparently. 

And now we have a new skill to work on: wearing shoes. 

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