Friday, July 13, 2012

A big week for a little girl

So after a hectic few weeks with Tera's health she is recovering well from her last bout with pneumonia.  So well in fact that she's getting dangerously near to walking! I've written several times about my feelings regarding Tera's being able to walk and while I know that it will probably come with some additional frustrations because she'll be accessible to even more trouble, I truly believe it will make so many situations so much easier to deal with.  Anytime she is confined to anything for too long she gets very antsy and irritable, but crawling isn't a realistic option many times (restaurants, the zoo, doctors office, spray park, etc.) but when she can finally walk, she'll be able to stretch out a little more and burn off some energy.  One of the things I've learned from my circles of other parents of kids with special needs is that while the milestones may come slower, when they do come it's with that much more appreciation and I really do believe that.  I know that most parents are probably very proud and excited when their kids are able to do something new, but when it's something they've been working hard for and are already behind in, it makes you even prouder and that's true of many situations. 

Our other big surprise this week was finding out Tera will be moving up to the next room in daycare.  Tom said it best when he posted that it was the small victories we look for, but we really are very excited, and a little nervous for her.  She'll be back to being the little kid (size wise at least) and it's a room with a lot of physical activity so I'm a little nervous about her being able to keep up.  She has a few adjustments to work on like moving one down to one nap, slowly eliminating her bottles, sleeping in a cot instead of a crib, and walking.  They're going to keep her in a crib for a month or so to minimize the changes right away, but her teachers and the director (and us and her therapists) all think it's the right move to try and keep her motivated and challenged.  Our original goal had been by the end of the summer so we're anxious to see how she adapts.  Another plus is that she'll be with one of her best buddies again. 

With all of these new achievements I've had to come to grips a lot more with the fact that she's not a baby anymore, she's a toddler; and I have to say, I'm thinking this is way more difficult than infancy.  Granted when they are infants there is a lot of care involved and they are obviously more dependent on you, but that just seems like if you follow your instincts and fulfill their basic needs, you're doing a pretty good job.  Now that she's older, we have to discipline her and decide how and when to do that.  We're identifying more social issues like sharing and throwing things than developmental issues when we were just trying to get her to reach for the toy above her or transfer something from one handd to the other.  I'm not saying infancy is easy, I'm just thinking that at least for me, this stage is harder. 

I'm also missing certain routines that we had when she was more dependent.  From the time we brought her home from the hospital, we've always given her her morning bottle in bed with us and then we play for a little bit in our bed before going downstairs.  It's been my time, many of the mornings, to snuggle with her before the day starts.  But in the past week I've eliminated her morning bottle and switched to her straw cup for her milk so that she can at least take her thyroid pill.  When she's drinking from the cup she doesn't really snuggle with me and honestly she doesn't have a lot of patience for it first thing in the morning so we're really only in our bed for a very short amount of time before she's super antsy and I have to bring her downstairs.  It's something that I've really missed this week and yet another sign of her getting older. 

Definitely a lot of progression this week, some of it I'm happier with and some of it I'm not, but I knew that no matter how slowly she grew physically, she was in fact going to get older.  I know the answer to this already but I'm going to ask anyway, can't I slow time down just a little?

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