Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A really nice day

Today was one of those days where I loved being a mom and I loved being at home with Tera.  I would pretty much always rather be home with her than at work, but some days are a little more trying and exhausting and today so far has been completely enjoyable. 

After my willpower post yesterday I mustered up the energy and took Tera out for a run/walk this morning.  I was hoping she would take a short nap and I could finally get a workout in.  My only miscalculation was deciding to go on the scenic route through the Diamond Lake lake house area about a block from us.  There's more shade to protect Tera and the houses are beautiful and unique and make me dream of living on lakefront property.  The only problem is it's rather hilly.  This is ideal when you want a great workout and are a more seasoned and healthy runner than myself who is not a seasoned runner or completely over my cold/virus whatever and as a result my "run" turned into ten minutes of running and the rest walking.  But I was out there for thirty minutes and is more than I've been able to do in a few weeks. 

When we got back Tera managed to sleep for a few minutes longer so I could take a speed shower and get ready to go to the spray park.  Since she is mostly back to being healthy and it's still beautiful outside and not over 100 degrees, we went to the Mundelein Spray Park with a friend from work and her kids.  I've never actually been there before and it's super close and cheap so it was worth checking out. 

The whole spray area is pretty padded, but I wasn't sure how Tera would really be able to play since she can't walk yet.  I held her for a few minutes and we went under the spray together a few times and then I tried putting her down and she took off crawling around the water! I do think her knees are a little scraped up because it's not a perfectly padded or smooth surface but she was able to get around and started to really like to put her self in the water fountains.  After a little while when she was on the ground, a few older kids (probably around 5-7 years old) came over and wanted to play with her which she loved! One little boy just kept wanting to basically pet her which was really cute (a little odd but she's pretty freakin' adorable so I do understand) and then they tickled her feet and she was just one of the kids. 

After about an hour I figured she'd probably had enough so we packed our stuff up and headed home for lunch.  I made her grilled cheese (her absolute favorite) and green beans and she ate everything for once on the first try.  Then we played on the floor for a while and she went very easily down for a nap which is giving me time to write. 

We were supposed to go to her playgroup tonight but given how crazy everything has been for the past few weeks, I think Tom and I are just looking for some nice relaxing, family time evenings.  Yesterday we took her for a walk and to the park and tonight we'll probably either try that or maybe the spray park again. 

This is one of those days where I can forget all the complications that have gone along with her and just enjoy my time with my girl.  Then tomorrow and Friday morning she has therapy and we'll go to Gigi's and I'll think about things again. 

These past few weeks I've had more moments of being bothered by some of her delays.  I keep seeing other kids her age who are walking or verbal and it's hard and it sucks sometimes.  I've been working with her for months to make more than just two sounds, but it's still just b's and d's and "uh-oh".  She is signing "eat" and "more" and sometimes "all done" which I'm so excited about and so very proud of her for.  I've had so many people tell me to be careful to wish for her walking but that's easy to say when your kid already is.  Times like today when she was one of the only kids, and not the youngest, who wasn't walking is hard to see because it would be so much easier for her to have fun there if she could get around more (and a little easier on her poor little knees). 

But I suppose I'll take the fact that she's beautiful and funny and sweet and all mine and just wait a little longer for words and walking. 

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