Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tera's new classroom

Yesterday was Tera's first day in her new classroom and I think I might have been more emotional for that than when she first started at school. I was and am very excited for her to be in the toddler room because Tom and I, along with her therapists, really think it will help push her physically and developmentally to the next level and help close the gap between her and other kids her age.  I think the reason that I was more nervous this time was because she now has to keep up with other kids and there are more adjustments for her.  When she started in the infant room at six months there were no expectations for her to be in there.  In her new room they only take one nap so she has to ease down to that.  They sleep in cots instead of cribs, but in this case they're keeping her in a crib for a little while since she's such an active sleeper and they don't want to change everything for her all at  once.  And finally, the big one, almost all of the rest of the kids in her new room are walking.  I'm so incredibly proud of what Tera has been accomplishing lately and she's making huge strides in her ability to get around both by crawling and walking using furniture (and sometimes people), but it's hard to gauge when she'll actually be able to do it without aides. 

On her first day she did very well.  She didn't quite make it to nap time and slept for a little while before lunch.  When they woke her up for lunch she ate very well (in fact she apparently then tried to steal some food from her neighbor) and then took a two hour nap after lunch.  She seemed very happy when I picked her up, but was understandably more tired last night and had we not gone out to eat and had a friend over, I doubt she would have made it even to 7:30 which is when she finally crashed. 

Today she was already a little tired by the time she had PT, then she had a full hour of PT, and then fortunately had a 40 minute nap in the car on our way to a fun visit with my friends from work and their kids, one of which is one of Tera's buddies.   We had a nice visit, she ate more than usual for lunch, and then she and Charlie got to play in his water table.  But by 1:00 she was already getting tired again and ended up taking a two hour nap that might have lasted even longer if I didn't have to move her back out to the car later in the afternoon for a pre-op appointment with the pediatrician for her tube surgery in August. 

I'm not sure if her seeming more tired today was still a result of yesterday or there's another reason.  She also seemed more tired this weekend and so far we haven't noticed any other symptoms so I'll chalk it up to a growth spurt or teething or any one of those other things people always seem to blame when their child is acting slightly out of the ordinary.  Tomorrow she goes back to school again so we'll see if she comes home all caught up with her peers :)

Her crazy hippie hair that is growing like crazy (this is why it's always up lately)

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