Monday, July 23, 2012

Ups and downs

In three days my baby will be 17 months old and in two weeks she will have her 18 month review for Early Intervention.  About one year from now, her review for Early Intervention will consist of getting her ready to transition to Early Childhood and my little girl will officially be in school.  As I look around our house at the numerous pictures we have, I realize how fast time has passed and I can hardly believe that the tiny little person in so many of those pictures is where she is today.  

Last week I had to delete a lot of the videos on my phone to clear up some space and as I went through them all it was hard to believe the difference between then and now.  Obviously she looks different; she was very much still a baby and had little to no hair and now she looks more like a little girl and has a full head of hair that is growing like crazy! But it is of course more than just her appearance.  I watched a video that I remember sending to Tom at work because she was doing such a good job of reaching for toys above her and at the time that was a big goal.  There were a few with her trying to hold her head up and she still kind of  had that bobble going on and several from when she was just starting to eat solid foods.  Now I look at her and she's so close to walking, crawls like a little demon, pulls herself up on everything, goes up the stairs, feeds herself and drinks from a straw, and is signing more and more every day.  
From around a year ago
She has such an amazing personality full of happiness, love, smiles, giggles, and trouble.  Today alone she has been all over the house getting into all sorts of new trouble and laughing the whole time about it.  We never know what each day will bring with her and she continues to amaze us and make us so incredibly proud.  

And then there's the flip side of things.  She's already been fairly sick this summer (though I think we're in a good stretch right now) and I think the number of doctor visits will end up totalling near if not more than twenty by the time I go back to work.   As a result of the pneumonia and the fact that the doctor thinks she has asthma, we have to give her a nebulizer treatment every day.  At first we were just using a tube in front of her face instead of a mask because the one they gave us was way too big for her little face.  Last week we just ordered one for her and now I feel like she's better off because she's getting more of the medicine, but it's also kind of difficult to see her behind that little mask.  It reminds both Tom and I of when she was sick and it also reminds us that she can very easily become that sick again if we don't do it.  I know there are lots of parents that have to do this and you do it because it will make your child better, but deep down it also breaks your heart because they need it at all.  

She also has to go in to have her tubes replaced.  Another time of them having to put her under and though I know it's a simple procedure, I still worry.  Then after her tubes she has a follow up with the cardiologist and a follow up with the endocrinologist.  Then she'll have to have her hearing tested again before we go in for the follow up after her tube procedure.  This is in addition to the four therapies a week she'll be getting after her EI evaluation in two weeks.  

Every day she gets a spray of Nasonex in her nose and takes her thyroid pill first thing in the morning, then we do her nebulizer after breakfast (though I think it will be moving to after dinner so I don't have to suffer alone).  At dinner every day she gets Greek yogurt with her probiotic and flax seed to help with constipation and as of late, sometimes a dose of Motrin to help with the fact that she has molars coming in.  Now after her tubes we'll have to get ear drops in for a few days as well and if she starts to get sick again, we have to up her nebulizer treatments to twice a day to try and prevent pneumonia again.  It's getting to the point where I feel like I need a list on the fridge of not only what strategies to be working on, but also her whole list of medications so we don't forget anything.  

I know some of these things she may outgrow, but to be perfectly realistic other things may take their place.  For now we deal with the issues we can and take solace in the fact that her list of accomplished milestones is growing every day (along with our exhaustion as we try to keep up with her).

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