Monday, August 6, 2012

Eighteen month review update

We had Tera's 18 month review today.  Since it's only a mid-year review, it wasn't quite as detailed as it will be in February when we have her two year review.  It's hard to believe we've already done this three times and I'm so proud of our girl.  At a mid-year review, we aren't given her measured age by the different therapists but her speech therapist and developmental therapist gave us where they think she is anyway.  At Tera's one year review she showed the most delay in speech and since this is still her weakest area, it's still where she's mostly delayed.  Her ST and DT both estimate her to be around the ten month range mostly because she still hasn't reached the milestone of being able to connect familiar names with familiar people.  For example, if I ask Tera where her dad is, she's not looking for Tom.  If someone says "mommy" to her, she's not looking for me.  She does however connect "kitty" with Feyla, so we know where her priorities are.  This is a skill in the six to nine month range, however, she is also exhibiting some skills in the twelve to fifteen month range which is why her therapists place her in approximately the ten month range.  One of the other things holding her back is the fact that while she's incredibly vocal, she still only really has two syllables and says "uh-oh".  

We've been told over and over again not to place too much emphasis or worry on age ranges because it's something they have to do to justify her progress to the state, but while we don't worry too much about it, it is always interesting to me to hear where they think she is developmentally.  One of the things that helps me accept the fact that she's progressing slowly in speech is the fact that her signing is really increasing.  It took us months and months of practicing to get her to sign and understand "more" and her other signs have come in a little quicker, but last week she learned "please" in under and hour!  I can handle her delay in vocal speech (except for not hearing "mama") if she can at least communicate to us what she needs and wants.

During these six month reviews we discuss what her current outcomes/goals are and whether or not they need to be altered or rewritten completely.  Then under each outcome is a list of strategies that Tom and I and her therapists will work on for the next six months.  I'm very happy to say that most of her gross motor goals have already been met.  We wanted her to be crawling, pulling to stand, crawling up stairs, and a few other minor things that she's done for a while and we can very confidently cross all of them off!  We were all very proud to be able to update that goal and by her two year review in February we're hoping we can cross independent standing and walking off the new list also.  

I have a renewed sense of purpose and am also hoping in the next few weeks I can hear the sound that will have so much power over me.  In the meantime, tomorrow we see the cardiologist...
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