Thursday, August 23, 2012


I've shared a few stories the past few days about people with DS doing things many people assume they'd never be able to do; myself included.  One of those first of many thoughts that followed Tera's diagnosis was of all the things she wouldn't be able to do, or so I thought.  I have said repeatedly that Tom and I came to accept Tera's situation fairly quickly, but that doesn't mean those horrible thoughts about her abilities didn't immediately come to mind when the doctor uttered the words "Down Syndrome".   And they reared their ugly heads again in the months following while I was home alone with her and my thoughts.  But one of the wonderful things about technology, is that it gives you so much more access to information than what existed even ten years ago.  I might not have had the opportunity to read and then share these two amazing stories and be reassured that my little girl will not be limited in any way if she really wants something.

I'll include the links here in case anyone reading isn't on Facebook (where I shared them initially).
Article 1
Article 2
It's one of those things that I just really like seeing because it reminds me that while she may struggle with some things more, and what may come easily to most people she might have to work harder for, if she really wants something, it's hers for the taking.

And in light of these two stories I will share the best news of our day today.  Last weekend while visiting with her buddy Harper, Tera took one or two steps towards her and I just about jumped up with excitement.  I believe I can say they were the first steps I witnessed her take without holding onto something.  She's done one or two steps here and there this week, but today her teacher at school informed me she took six steps unassisted! I don't know that I'll enter it into her baby book just yet, I'll wait until I see it a few more times when I know she's doing it purposefully, but we are very excited nonetheless.

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