Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall is here!

I have a new obsession and it's called Pinterest.  It took me months to take the time to even figure out what it was, but now that I have I'm a cleaning, baking, holiday decorating monster.  Okay, maybe not a "monster" because I don't have enough time to actually go too crazy, but I LOVE it!

My friends all wonder how I even have time to find stuff, but honestly it's just one of those things I look at if we're in the car for a while or sitting at home watching TV on the weekends or before bed.  I don't really look for stuff online and then pin it myself, I mostly look through what other people have already found and tried and repin it.  So far I've tried a few recipes, cleaned my shower, some towels, and the shower head.  I've used an amazing concoction of fruits and other flavors as a stove top "potpourri" that smells heavenly, and I've come across several ideas for the upcoming holidays.

This weekend marks the beginning of fall which is my absolute favorite season of all.  I love pretty much everything about it (except maybe the raking of leaves) and I spend most of the year either missing it or looking forward to it.  I love the coziness, the scents, the flavors, the coolness, the colors, and the holidays that go along with it.  So how have I tied in my new found love of Pinterest and my love of fall? I stumbled upon what someone posted as a Fall Bucket List.  A compilation of things to experience during this most wonderful of seasons.  So I'm going to share my Fall Bucket List and see how many things I can do from it to really enjoy it this year.  One of my big reasons for doing this is to create some special memories for, but mostly with, Tera and Tom and the rest of our family.   Last year she was still pretty little and wasn't mobile so I'm hoping this year will allow us some more flexibility.

So without further ado, here it is (in no particular order):

1.)  Apple picking and/or a pumpkin patch (since I've been informed that apple picking is sparse this year)
2.) A photo shoot outside.  I'd really like to actually get some pictures of Tom and I together, but of course, they'll mostly be of Tera.
3.)  Make fall cookies
4.) Try other recipes for stove top potpourris
5.)  Try out apple sangria
6.)  Make the other 15 recipes I've found on Pinterest alone that involve pumpkin
7.)  Take a nature walk and take pictures
8.)  Bake a pie (maybe; crust and I can be enemies at times)
9.)  Carve/decorate pumpkins
10.)  At least one or two more bonfires
11.)  Scary movie marathon
12.)  Reintroduce Tera to Nightmare Before Christmas and other favorite Halloween movies

I think that's a pretty solid list for someone who has little free time so I think I'll stop there.  Hopefully at the end of this season I'll be able to recap my list and see what I've been able to do (and of course share pictures).

Happy Fall!!!
All bundled up and ready for an evening stroll...

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