Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Sunday again (but I am okay)

What an absolutely ideal weekend this was.  We were able to spend time with both my sister and brother-in-law and my sister-in-law and other brother-in-law together Friday night and also discuss the plans for my next permanent marking (I'll leave that to code for now but I don't think it's that terribly cryptic).  Saturday was spent running errands in the morning and working around the house in the afternoon but last night after dinner, we were able to just play with Tera, which doesn't happen as often as I'd like.  It's hard when we have so many things going on during the week and on the weekends to find time when we both can just sit down with her and goof around, but we were able to last night.  We weren't worried about working on a goal or structured play time, we were just silly as a family and I can't remember the last time we were able to do that for any length of time.  After putting Tera to bed we were only up for about another hour and except for one time of waking up last night (which fortunately Tom took care of) she slept well and until almost 7am which is also fairly rare.

This morning we worked around the house some more and then my mom came over and we took Tera to the Pet Expo at the Lake County fairgrounds.  We'd never been to it before and weren't really sure what to expect, but she really enjoyed seeing all the dogs and cats that were there and even got to pet some dogs and got a few doggie kisses.  It was another reminder that we are not a "dog family" anymore and that was kind of difficult.  In fact, it was the second time this weekend that I was reminded about it but fortunately today I was able to handle it without tears.

Then, I had been craving the amazing tomato basil soup from our favorite eatery Caboose so on the way home from the Pet Expo we picked up tomato soup and grilled cheese to fulfill my childhood desire on a cool weather fall day.  Tonight Tom had hockey (and I'm proud to say they won and he only let in one goal) so Tera and I had some Mommy/ Tera time.  It might have been a little more enjoyable had she been slightly less whiny, but I did also get a lot of kisses and some giggles and even whiny time is better than no time with my girl.

There have been so many instances in the past few weeks when I've realized how "grown up" she really looks.  She goes up and down the stairs, she seems to understand what we say to her, she's starting to use a spoon and fork on her own to eat, and she has such an amazing personality.  I miss the days when she was so dependent on me and I could just hold her for hours, but at the same time it is such an incredible joy to see her becoming more independent and develop her personality.  She takes such pride in her accomplishments and the pride that we feel when she walks three or four feet to us is immeasurable.  It's a very delicate balance between not wanting to her to grow up too much too fast and being so anxious to see who she develops into.  I'm anxious to see her on Christmas this year when she's so much more aware of what's going.  I can't wait to see her on her second birthday when she can really dive into her cake and open her own presents.  I'm just so excited to see her in the next year and what she's able to accomplish and overcome.

Next weekend Tom and I are going to a Down Syndrome conference and while I'll miss our time with our reason for going, I'm excited to see what we can learn about trying to help her progress.  I'm hoping that even with less time, we can still find some time to be silly like we did last night.  Since the beginning of school I've realized how much better this school year is going than last year and I've come to the conclusion that this year Sunday's are hard not because I have to go to work the next day, but because I don't get to spend the next day with my family.  I do look forward to next weekend already, but it's not because I'm dreading the days in between, but because I'm excited for the time five days from now and as insignificant as that may sound, it makes a difference to me and it is easier to deal with.  Have a good work week everyone, I'll see you on the other side.

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