Friday, September 14, 2012

Our week at a glance

This has been a rough week.  It started out on such a positive note with Tera's new skills, and I won't say it went down from there because that's a little too dramatic, but it definitely got more hectic.  Tuesday I had a chiropractor appointment, Wednesday Tera had her hearing test (which she did great on), Thursday she had her 18 month checkup following a not-so-great day at school, and today she had her follow up with the ENT to check on her tubes.

Yesterday she woke up congested after a very rough night of waking up more times than I could count and apparently didn't get much better at school.  She wasn't herself all day and at two different times seemed to be running a low grade fever.  Tom got a call the first time so we had to start thinking about who might go get her and what to possibly do for Friday if she couldn't go back.  Fortunately we already her 18 month wellness check to go to so we figured at least we could get a note saying she could go back or maybe figure out what was wrong.  By the time I picked her up from school she seemed much more herself and when we got her home she ate a great dinner and was acting normally.  She ran no fever at the doctor and according to his measurements, she seems to have jumped into the 36th percentile while only gaining a pound.  But her lungs sounded clear so we're just keeping her nebulizer to twice a day until she clears up again.  He also found another tooth coming through! She's finally getting her right front tooth in so she'll have a pair of teeth that actually match up top to bottom.  She did have to get two shots, but as usual, she did great with them.

Today she had a much better day at school and was apparently giving everyone kisses.  She seems to be acting fine but coughing more so we'll see.  The ENT said her tubes looked good but there was a blockage in one so when given the option of having him use the microscope and dig it out for a few minutes of discomfort and crying, or giving her drops twice a day for several days to clear it out, we opted for the scope.  She'll go back in December for another hearing test and follow up with him to make sure everything is functioning the way it should.

Basically we haven't had a night home any night this week, except for maybe Tuesday but I didn't get home until six that night so even that was a bit crazier than usual.  Tonight Tom is playing hockey, and being the coolest person I know, I tried out two new methods for cleaning my shower and grout that I found online.  I know, don't be too envious, not everyone can live this life of luxury that I do, but I don't have many other times to do those types of things.  And in case you're wondering, the grout cleaning didn't go great but the tub cleaning did.  Although I have to admit the grout might have gone better if I'd left it longer, but the smell of the vinegar and dish soap from the tub cleaner and the bleach from the grout cleaner was getting to my brain and eyes so I decided not to push it.  I don't have a lot of brain cells to spare these days and I'd like to keep what little intelligence and sense I have left, in tact.

I'm really hoping I can simultaneously get the majority of things on my to-do list done this weekend AND relax all at the same time.  I have some quality friend time coming tomorrow with both my friends and Tera's and with any luck I'll be nice and cozy in a hoodie by the fire pit tomorrow night enjoying a new recipe for martinis with my drinking partner in crime.

I also have an idea for a post that I'm hoping to get to this weekend, but it's a little more emotional and reflective than I have the energy for tonight so maybe tomorrow, but really more likely, Sunday.  Now, I'm off to bed to watch some Bones and fall asleep...

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