Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Monday I was just downright giddy about Tera's walking.  I still couldn't believe that she really did it and watching her it's still hard to believe.  It was so hard to go to work Monday morning knowing that she had this great new skill and I missed her so much more than usual that day.  I shared my good news with all my classes (we start each day with good news) and all my coworkers and everyone was so excited for her.  We posted her accomplishment on video on Facebook and the "likes" and comments just kept coming.  I could almost feel everyone just rooting for her.

I was also very excited for her to return to school to show off and she didn't disappoint.  She's still pretty wobbly and only goes about eight to ten steps at a time, but considering it just really clicked with her two days ago, I'm still so incredibly proud of her.  I haven't tired yet of watching her do it and just keep waiting for the moments when she goes just a little farther each time.

Of course our excitement was dampened just a bit today at the discovery of her first real runny, congested nose since she recovered from her last bout of pneumonia.  Tom dropped her off at school where she was apparently very congested all day, had a runny nose all day, had a bad day of pulling hair, and took a slightly shorter nap than usual.  Then we had to take her for her first hearing test following her tubes.  The good news on this front is that she is hearing better than she ever has since being tested.

Then tonight was bath night, only for her it's actually shower night.  A few months back she developed this fear of having her hair washed.  She still loved to play in the water, but when we had to wash her hair, she would literally try and climb the wall on the other side of the tub and cry in panic.  This is not what I would call just being difficult during bath time; it's more than just not wanting to do it, we both genuinely feel like she is terrified.  Now I take her in the shower with me and wash her and then we do her hair.  When I start to get her hair wet she clings to me and cries hysterically.  Usually I can handle it, but tonight her cries just made me cry.  It's heart-breaking to have your child grab on to you in fear and know that even though you're as close as you can get to them, they're still terrified.

She was exhausted after all of that and went to sleep easily only to wake up 20 minutes later crying and congested.  I tried suctioning her nose which just made her more upset and then made her congested all over again.  She didn't want to be held, rocked, or laid down so finally Tom dug out her humidifier and then about five minutes later I figured we would try her nebulizer.  We hadn't done it after dinner this evening because we weren't home so it was the only time she'd had it.  She ended up calming down immediately and fell back asleep while getting her treatment.  As I am I writing this, Tom just had to get up with her again, but she seemed to back down a little easier.  I could say this could be a long night, but every time I think that she sleeps all the way through and on the nights when I don't expect anything, she could be up five times.

I'm not looking forward to the next few days not only because it seems like she could be on the front end of an illness, but also because tomorrow she has her 18 month appointment which involves shots, and then on Friday she has her follow up with the ENT to check on her new tubes.  It's going to another hectic few days and I'm really looking forward to the weekend.  No joke, this kid's schedule is going to kill us.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll still have a chance to post and hopefully it will be good news (or at least no news) from the pediatrician, she'll have slept through the night, and she has a better day at school tomorrow. We'll see...

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