Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tera's mad skills

I have been wanting to post several things in the past few days, but as I've discovered, adjusting to life with both of us working has taken a toll on my blogging time.  

Of course now that I sit down to actually do what I want, I can't remember most of the things I wanted to say. With October coming up soon, I'm planning to sit down and do some research and take some time on how I want to tackle this year's "31 for 21" challenge.  This will also mark the one year anniversary of me really making my blog public and I'm just so incredibly thankful to every person that has taken the time to tell me that they have read it and enjoy it and for the incredible amount of support I've received.  When I started it, I mostly did it as a way to publicly journal, but I've really come to enjoy it so much and I miss it when I go too many days without being able to write something.  

So Tera currently receives four therapies: speech, physical, developmental, and occupational.  Of the four, she seems to be closest to typical in her gross motor skills (PT) and the most delayed in speech.  The other two fall somewhere in between.  Her development is progressing at a decent pace, but there are definitely some skills and/or milestones she hasn't quite mastered that other kids her age have and we don't have as much experience with fine motor skills (OT) so it's harder for me to judge that one.  As I've written many, many times speech is her most challenging area, but we are so happy for what she's been able to do in signing.  The whole purpose of language is to be able to communicate and if she happens to be able to do that better with her hands than her voice right now, so be it.  She's been doing a lot better with "puppy" these past few days which we find almost odd because it's not one that we've stressed much and for sure not as much since we lost Jaina, but she does it consistently and without prompting.  One of the funnier things she signs right now is "kitty" whens she sees pictures of Chewbacca.  Tom has decided the sign for "Chewbacca"  and "wookie" is the same as kitty, but with a mean face so we'll see how that one goes.  One of the signs I'm most impressed by is "eat" when she's hungry.  It's probably the most useful sign for her right now because she can initiate communicating a need on her part.  We're currently focusing on "help" which is a difficult one because it requires both hands and movement, but she knows that "please" will pretty much get her what she needs and so that's working for her for now (and it's super cute).  

One of the skills that just kind of clicked for her over the weekend was backward movement down the stairs and off of furniture.  She started going up the stairs over a month ago and while we still aren't comfortable with her doing it without supervision and close support, she's getting pretty good at up and so we started trying to introduce down.  At first she was very reluctant to go backwards.  She would fight it and then just want to go back up.  Last week I posted a video of her climbing into her rocking chair and then figuring out how to flip onto her stomach and climb down.  That must of translated fairly quickly into being able to use the same concept on the stairs.  She will flip onto her tummy at the top of the stairs and then kind of inch her way to the edge and then very cautiously feel around with her foot until she finds the next step and then she'll move down.  When she gets all the way down, we all clap and get excited.  It was very exciting for us to know that she figured it out and it will make practicing that skill so much easier  

Now that I'm literally dozing off while typing, I'm thinking I should call it a night.  Hopefully it's not another week before I get to post again.  

Just to be clear, she did this all on her own.  She climbed up with her book and sat back for a whole 20 seconds before climbing out again...

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