Sunday, September 9, 2012

This is big!

One of Tom's favorite quotes is from Warren Zevon (you know Werewolves of London) and it is: "Enjoy every sandwich."  Today is a perfect example of this.  Since Tera was born we've come to accept that we take joy in the little things.  Don't get me wrong, this is by no means little to us; it is incredibly big to us.  But in the grand scheme of life it's probably little.  We've had some very exciting moments in our life together.  Getting engaged, getting married, finding out I was pregnant, and Tera's birth being amongst the top of the list.  But when it comes to Tera specifically, today has to be one of the most exciting days we've had.  After seeing her take little stumbling steps here and there and hearing that she's been trying to walk towards her friends at daycare, today Tera sat on the bottom step of the stairs in the downstairs and just got up and walked towards us!
Then proceeded to do it over and over and over again for the next hour.  We've been proud of every single one of her accomplishments, but as far as "typical" childhoods go, walking is always amongst the big ones and we were just completely overcome with joy and pride and amazement and love for her today.  The determination of my daughter is simply amazing.  We know that her muscle tone makes everything more difficult.  We know that her ankles roll in and that her feet already seem flat and that both of those things make it more difficult to walk.  But she did it.  One of my sisters calls Tera her Wonder Woman and you know what? She is a super hero. Maybe not to everyone, but to me she defies the odds (in so many ways) and she is my hero.  She works so hard to do what so many other kids do easily and she takes so much joy in every task.  She loves to clap for her accomplishments and we love to support that.

Ok, this is already more than I anticipated writing because I thought I was too excited to get any coherent thoughts out.  So here is the best part of our weekend.  It will be difficult to go back to work tomorrow knowing what she can do now, but such is life and I have every day for the rest of our lives to watch her progress.
Here she is...

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