Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14

So I basically failed at yesterday's post completely.  There was no good excuse, it just didn't happen.  Oh well.  Today's is going to be short and sweet.  I pretty much fell even more completely in love with Tera this weekend.  We got to spend some really good quality family time together and I'm just head over heels in love with that kid.  I'm completely amazed and in awe of most everything she does and I just love when I have the time to just watch her.  Most everything she does she does with such purpose and concentration and she takes such pride in everything.

I also love watching her with other kids.  Friday night she was able to spend time with one of her BFF's and it's one of the sweetest things ever to see them just constantly give each other hugs and kisses.  Saturday she got to spend some time with our good friends and their kids who are a little older than she is, but she just loved being able to play with them and trying to keep up with the bigger kids.  Then today she got to see her other BFF and her face just lit up when she saw her and my child who has been eating everything under the sun lately pretty much just abandoned lunch so she could get down and play.

And then one of the best parts of my whole life lately has been how much more affectionate and snuggly she is.  She loves giving kisses and hugs, she loves to wave goodbye and blow kisses, and since she's started walking and has so much more coordination and control of her body, she loves climbing on us (Tom mostly) and just sitting or reading.  She just adores her Dad and actually lights up when she sees him.  Today she woke up from her nap and happened to be sleeping on my shoulder in our bed while Tom and I were also napping.  I was mostly awake and all of a sudden her head popped up, she looked over and saw Tom, and she got the biggest smile on her face, climbed over to him, and just laid her head on his back.  One of the common stereotypes (not a bad one in my book) is how affectionate individuals with DS typically are and I have to say, of all the things that come along with that extra chromosome, a lifetime of endless hugs and kisses from my daughter is one thing I am definitely looking forward to.

Tonight Tom is playing hockey and so I put Tera to bed myself and well after she fell asleep I continued rocking her.  She was sound asleep, just laying in my arms snuggling with her stuffed animal and I just felt so comforted by her little body.  I only hope she was as comforted by me as I was by her and if my experience is any indication, she was.  I still feel comforted by my mom, although it's been many many many years since I fit in her lap, even the sound of her voice makes me feel better.  I pretty much always still call her when I'm sick and even though I'm all grown up and have my own home and my own child, it's still tempting to ask her to come take care of me and I know that she would if I did.

Unfortunately it's Sunday night and while I don't experience anywhere near the anxiety that I did last year at this time every weekend, it's still hard knowing I have to wait another week to have this time with my family again.

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  1. Those are some special moments with Tera. :) It's funny how having children can make you think about your relationship with your own parents, right? I still call my mom when I'm sick, too. And my mom just came to spend the week with me while my husband was out of town.