Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 20

Today we visited Brookfield Zoo for the first time with Tera as a walker; and walk she did.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow because I'm way too tired now.

Unfortunately, this whole week she's been a little off and today there's definitely something wrong.  It might be minor, hard to tell right now, but she's not eating as much (not the end of the world), exhausted (not too surprising considering her napping was off today and she had a lot of stimulation and walking), but also a tad feverish.  We're really hoping it's just teething, which we never really know for sure with her because they come in so incredibly slow that they usually end up coinciding with some sort of sickness.  Hopefully tonight she'll sleep well and until 7:15 again tomorrow which we were lucky enough to experience this morning.

So my salute to DS tonight is while I'm thrilled that she's finally walking, and earlier than the "average" age for  kids with DS, I fear she's fallen victim to yet another virus she can't fight off as well as other kids.  We'll see what tonight brings and maybe tomorrow night I'll have something a little more creative and/or inspiring.

From around this same time last year when she also wasn't feeling well...

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