Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23

Today's post is from one of my sisters.  When Tera was born she was one of the few people that I am closest to that we had to tell over the phone about Tera's diagnosis and besides my dad, who was also over the phone, was one of the more difficult things I've had to do.  Calling her at work as a conference call with Tom to tell her I was pregnant, and then calling her that Saturday morning to tell her about Tera's arrival were two of the more exciting moments we've shared as sisters, but that third call was impossibly hard.  What made it hardest is that unlike most everyone else, because she lived out of state, she couldn't see for herself that Tera really would be okay.  She had to wait the longest to see her and hold her and she has been one of her biggest cheerleaders from the very beginning.

I'm so very proud of all my sisters for different reasons, but Lindsay is one that I know Tera will get strength and inspiration from.  She's worked hard for everything she's ever gotten and made it through more than most people should have to experience.  And with all that being said, here are her thoughts on Tera.

I remember when Melissa and Tom called me to tell me the news.  I was outside at work and they were both on the phone and I had no idea what was going on.  Then they said it Melissa was pregnant!  I then of course started screaming (which it was a good thing I was outside) I started telling everyone because I was so excited to become an Aunt.  Then about 8 months later my phone rang very early and it was Melissa and I thought hmmm… this was early and then it clicked she must have delivered my niece!  I remember asking Melissa if she was perfect and she said “pretty much”!  Which I knew she would be.  Not knowing at that time that Melissa and Tom already knew about her diagnosis but didn’t want to say anything right away.  Then a couple days later Melissa called me again and said that she had to tell me something but didn’t want me to worry.  She told me that the Dr told them that Tera had Down Syndrome.  I immediately started crying, trying my hardest not to let Melissa hear it in my voice, I asked if she was going to be ok.  She said yes but she had to stay in the NICU for a little bit but she was ok and she was beautiful.  When you do not know a lot about something and start looking things up about it your fears become much worse (I swear sometimes the Internet is the devil).  I remember reading articles about people with DS are more prone to cancer; heart problems and that they might not be able to function on their own.  I was not only worried for her health because I just wanted her to be healthy and be able to watch her grow without any obstacles but I was worried for Melissa and Tom that they would have to face some challenges in Tera’s life.  Then I started thinking how much this was going to affect the whole family.  Then as time went on and I finally got to meet her I knew this was one amazing little girl she was so small and young but I knew she was going to do some amazing things.  I have so many reasons to be proud of her, I remember being on Skype and her signing for different things and I just couldn’t believe what she was doing and how she was able to communicate and know what she is talking about.  In case you don’t know the dynamic of our family… we have a very interesting family bush.  We have had marriages, children and divorces but we still have been a pretty close bunch.  Never in a million years did I think we could become any closer because again we are a little confusing, then enter Tera!  Not only has she brought the ENTIRE family together she has a very large extended family and fan club here in Charlotte, NC.  I have already been told I may need to rent a venue when she comes down to visit me because she has so many followers and so many people that love, care and support her and they have never met her!  They have never met her parents but the stories and the accomplishments she has already everyone just loves her!  (I might add she already has an arranged marriage with my best friend’s son).  The number one thing I am looking forward to for Tera’s future is what she is going to accomplish and how many great things that she does in her lifetime.  Like I said she has inspired so many people that has never met her and have only seen pictures that the thought of what she can do is just amazing.  Awhile back I was trying to figure out what tattoo I wanted and then it hit me… something for Tera!  Then after speaking with Melissa and Tom my boyfriend and I figured it out.  The Wonder Woman symbol and the DS ribbon.  Josh drew it up and the next day I went and got it done.  It cannot be any more fitting for Tera she is my Wonder Woman and my everything I am proud to show the world how much she means to me.  Whenever someone asks what it is I get to tell them the wonderful story of Tera Melissa.  I wish I could see her more and to see all of her new accomplishments in person but I love I get to Skype with her and at least get to see and talk to her and she will know how much I love her and how proud I am of her.

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