Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25

Tera had a better day at school today, but still a rough night at home.  Our usually energetic, easy going girl is tired, uncomfortable, and just generally not herself.  We will all be happy when this miserable tooth (at least that's our assumption) makes its way through.

Tom and I have been exhausted this week too so I think we're all looking forward to the weekend.  But until then, here's another reflection on Tera.

How has Tera's diagnosis changed you or you way of thinking?

Down Syndrome, What Down Syndrome?

I don't have a clear picture of what I though I would see as I anticipated looking at my granddaughter after I learned of her diagnosis. But I certainly didn't anticipate what I do see now. I guess I initially thought I would somehow see Down Syndrome.  Now I think Down Syndrome, what Down Syndrome?

When Tera and I first make eye contact all I see is her angelic face and that huge "light up my life" smile.  I see a magical twinkle in her eyes and wonder how does she do that? I see a hand reaching out for me to take. And when I pick her up I soon feel that same hand reaching for my mouth and that glee she exhumes when I lightly bit her fingers.  (Yes, she is a little goofy don't forget!) I see that excitement in her face as she takes every step. I see her silly grin as she bangs, strums, or presses her face on my guitar while I'm playing for her. 

All of these visions of her bring me unimaginable joy as I think to myself how special she makes me feel.  And when I take the time to look ahead, I see a future as bright as that incredible smile and then ask myself again, "Down Syndrome, what Down Syndrome?"

 Then Yaya  walks into the room and I'm once again relegated to second fiddle.  

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