Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28

Yes I copped out last night. It was probably the worst afternoon/evening of teething Tera has had yet so that in combination with a visit from Tera's aunt and uncle made for a missed post from me.  And after the afternoon/evening we'd had, it probably wouldn't have been anything worthwhile anyway.

I want to save the guest post response I have in mind for tomorrow because I think Sunday posts sometimes get missed in the Sunday night/Monday morning shuffle and those posts are important to me this month because I want to highlight and give credit to all of Tera's amazing and loving family and biggest supporters.

Yesterday we had the privilege of attending the Gigi's Halloween Party and I'm so glad we were able to make it.  After having to stay home with Tera on Friday I wasn't sure if we'd be able to go but as more time passed the more it seemed evident that her biggest issue still is her teeth we hoped we'd be able to at at least show up for a little while.  All the kids were dressed up, although there was only one Frankenstein, and we were able to catch up with some families we haven't seen in a while and just watch the kids be kids.

This washcloth and Motrin were the only things
providing Tera with any relief the past few days
After that we made the drive out to my sister's to visit one of her two best friends and her husband who were visiting from New York for my sister's birthday and who had never met Tera.  I had been hoping we'd be able to make it over there to see them because her friend isn't in town often and I always enjoy being able to introduce Tera to new people because I feel that she, like every other child with DS, is an ambassador for their community.  I really feel that the more that people can make a connection with an individual with DS, the more likely they are to put aside any misconceptions and really understand what DS means and what it doesn't mean.  I never mind answering people's questions because it means there is one more person who knows the facts and not the myths of DS.

I oftentimes feel that when I'm writing these posts I don't have enough experience to fill 31 days worth of information, but as each day passes we have more and more experience and knowledge of what this means to us.  Right now I know that the slowness with which their teeth come in, and the order that makes it hard to predict and know which ones are coming in, makes it excruciating for my little girl who can normally handle pain and discomfort better than the average adult.  I know that when we're with our family and friends, she is just Tera and nothing more or less.

And I know for tonight, I'm exhausted and done.

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