Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31

And here we are at the end of the 31 For 21 Challenge.  It's not been easy to find the time, or energy, some nights, but it's a challenge for a reason and a good reason at that.  I will of course continue to blog so this is by no means the end of it all, just the daily challenge.  And in closing, I'd like to share one more guest post.  This one is from yet ANOTHER doing aunt and who also happens to be Tera's Odd Mother.  Thank you all for your continued support, I appreciate every comment and "like" on Facebook.  Oh yeah, and Happy Halloween!

I always knew I wanted to be an aunt. Kids are great and often the closest thing I can relate to. Thus, there is nothing better than kids I also happen to be related to. When my sister told me she was pregnant, I, of course, went berserk with excitement. I’m not known for my propriety, so the first question I asked was “Am I going to be the Godmother!?!”  My adoring older sister slyly smiled and pretended to hesitate when she said “yes”. For nine whole months we “patiently” waited for the little darling’s arrival. When I found out it was a girl, it was only fitting. I have three sisters, so girls are just my forte. And so it was settled; this little girl and I were going to have an unbreakable bond for the rest of my life.

I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t completely shocked and dismayed when I heard Tera’s diagnosis. I had already fallen in love with her and it caught me off guard. It hit me hard. It hit us all hard. I never told my sister, but there was something about the day I first met my Sweet Girl that seemed off to me and then it made sense why. The week that followed was filled with sadness...acceptance…and then COMPLETE JOY. The absolute excitement that I eventually felt consumes me to this day. Here we were, presented with this amazing opportunity to take the road less traveled. The things we were going to learn from this already inspiring little girl were endless. But it wasn’t just that. She is my niece. She is my flesh and blood, and all that matters is that she is happy. Period. I will do whatever, whenever, to make sure she stays that way. 

 I am still nearly brought to tears just looking at her. I am 100% wrapped around her perfect little fingers. And since I was selected as her “Odd Mother”, I am responsible for taking notes from her parents. I may dote and entertain, but I also strive to teach and discipline. I don’t take my role for granted. I know what it means to take this seriously. I won’t resign from my role when Tera turns 18. I am there for her for as long as I am around.  

When writing this post, we were asked to answer some pretty tough questions about how Tera has affected our lives. Honestly, the only thing I can think about is that I love that little girl more than I knew was possible. I look forward to every split second I get to spend with her and I get butterflies in my stomach at the anticipation of the next visit. She is amazing in every way and I am blessed to be her aunt and Odd Mother. I look forward to the possibility of her Uncle Jojee and me raising our kids by her side one day.

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