Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7

At this particular moment I'm pretty damn glad I have tomorrow off and even more glad that Tom does too.  It's been a productive, but enjoyable weekend so far and we still have one more day to go.  Tom has been very supportive in helping me check things off my normal list and also my Fall Bucket List.  Here's my list again for reference:

1.)  Apple picking and/or a pumpkin patch (since I've been informed that apple picking is sparse this year)
Completed apples this weekend with Tera's Aunt Cathy and Uncle Mike and planning on visiting with our wonderful friends, their kids, and picking pumpkins next weekend.  

2.) A photo shoot outside.  I'd really like to actually get some pictures of Tom and I together, but of course, they'll mostly be of Tera.
Kind of completed at the apple orchard, but if nothing else happens this season, I'll be happy with this.

3.)  Make fall cookies
4.) Try other recipes for stove top potpourris
5.)  Try out apple sangria
6.)  Make the other 15 recipes I've found on Pinterest alone that involve pumpkin
7.)  Take a nature walk and take pictures
Again, kind of happened at the apple orchard and since fall does have a time limit, I'll take this.

8.)  Bake a pie (maybe; crust and I can be enemies at times)
9.)  Carve/decorate pumpkins
10.)  At least one or two more bonfires
11.)  Scary movie marathon
12.)  Reintroduce Tera to Nightmare Before Christmas and other favorite Halloween movies

I can't even begin to describe how thrilled I was to watch Tera walk on her own at the orchard on Saturday. She was doing so well and really kept at it.  The nice thing was when she started to get antsy, we were able to put her down and let her stretch which is what I've been waiting for for months.  

All these types of experiences are examples of what I need to remind me that she is Tera first and and Tera who happens to have DS second.  Yesterday she was just a kid who got to stretch her legs outside, take some memorable "first" pictures, try her first real apple, and play on some pumpkins.  Tonight she's having a sleepover at Yia Yia and Papou's while Mom and Dad try and get some rest, and then tomorrow she has speech therapy and school pictures.  We also get to visit with some family friends from out of state and watch her turn on her usual charm.  By tomorrow night I'll be happy from the weekend, sad that it's over, and trying to prep myself for the upcoming week.  

The key to survival in all this craziness is being able to look back on a weekend like this and just be able to completely enjoy the fact that we were lucky enough as a family to have this time.  I am so very lucky.

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