Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Have I somehow angered Karma?

I have to say, this year is not winding down well.

Here's the good news: Tera had a follow up appointment tonight to see how her pneumonia is clearing up and as of today, her lungs sound clear.  It doesn't mean that it's gone; in fact the still lingering cough indicates it's definitely not yet, but it's on its way and the doctor feels confident enough to not subject Tera to another x-ray.

Here's the bad news: at the same time that I was with Tera at the doctor for her pneumonia, Tom was at the vet with the cat to find out why she hasn't been eating and doesn't seem to have gotten any better since she was last there a few weeks ago.  When we took her in about three weeks ago they determined she had a urinary tract infection and gave her an antibiotic.  Based on her kidney history, they also did a blood work up and urinalysis and had told us that her liver and kidney functions were normal.  At the time we felt a lot better about the situation and were relieved it was only an infection.  But as time has gone on, she's actually eating less, and last night just peed in the middle of Tera's bedroom floor which she has never done (not carpeted) and we knew something was wrong.  When Tom came home and handed me a Kleenex before delivering the news, I tried to prepare myself.

The doctor says it's either cancer or a bad infection, but seems to be leaning more towards cancer.  She's lost two pounds in three weeks (she was only 8lbs to start) and with her lack of eating it's not good news.  We can have an x-ray done to see if they can narrow it down to either possibility but if it's an infection they would do antibiotics and if it's cancer they would give her a steroid.  The doctor did both today to see if either one helps at all and we just to have to keep an eye on her weight.  If she loses more, it's more than likely cancer and at 13 years old, we're just going to have to make another hard decision when the time comes.

I've been in disbelief all evening.  Not necessarily because of the news; she is 13 and she's had a history of kidney problems since she was a kitten and she's really not been herself the past few days, but because I'm not really sure how we're supposed to be able to make this type of decision twice in one year.  Really, twice in six months.  And then my heart just hurts to know our little kitty, our first little furball together, is probably in pain or at the very least, uncomfortable.

I suppose all we can do is try and keep her comfortable and show her that she is loved and then hope for the best.

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