Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our week

I’m tired.  This has been a long week and though I've wanted to post a couple times, I just plain ran out of time and/or was too exhausted.  So here’s the recap of our week:

Sunday morning we took Tera into sick call because she developed a nasty sounding cough all of a sudden combined with a fever and not feeling well.  The doctor said it was a cold that was complicating her asthma, not pneumonia yet and we were told to put her back on the Albuterol to help keep her airways clear and that we should follow up with the pediatrician (the longer version of this is that we weren't terribly thrilled with the on-call doctor for many reasons, but anyway).  We debated whether or not to make the appointment but Monday morning she still didn't sound great so I made it for Tuesday night.

Monday night sucked.  She was up at least four times, coughing a lot, completely congested, very restless and when she was actually sleeping, it sounded like a freight train was going through her room when in reality it was her breathing. 

Tuesday we brought her to the doctor and after listening to her lungs and our description, he diagnosed her with her third case of pneumonia since last February.  Really?   This poor child.  We told him that the Albuterol was making her heart race and he switched her to something else.  Then we had to go to pick up the antibiotic and new steroid and by the time we finally got home it was around 7pm.  Then we still had to give both of her breathing treatments, the antibiotic, and get her to bed.  Well that would have been difficult enough given how tired we were, but then the steroid kicked in and she was wide awake.  She didn't end up going to sleep (and this was after almost an hour of trying) until a little after 9pm. 

Wednesday she had a better day at school, seemed to be feeling better but didn't get her treatment until 2pm and we’re supposed to do it every six hours.  Last night we pushed it as long as we could without trying to do it too close to bedtime, but apparently we failed as she was up until 8:30.  Her normal bedtime recently has been around 7pm.   Then when she finally went to sleep, I was able to begin getting some of the things done that I needed to and I finally went to sleep around 10:30. 

I love this time of year, but I've already had to regroup too many times.  As it is I’m writing this at work because I've finally caught up on work stuff, but I can’t get anything done at home.  I always struggle with the holidays, especially now with Tera.  Mostly it’s because I want everything to be special and I want things to be meaningful and that takes time, which I don’t seem to have a lot of.  My family and my husband will say just to take it easy and not over do it and make things simpler this year.  Except that doing these special things is what I enjoy about the holidays so not doing them doesn't help either.  I feel like I’m letting myself down either way and I honestly don’t know how to find a happy medium. 

My goal every year is to try and simplify, ask for help when I can, and try not to wait until the last minute, but that typically doesn't all happen.  I suppose I will once again do my best and through the craziness, try and enjoy myself and my family.  
From this time last year...

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