Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pretty much done with this

And the pneumonia saga continues. We thought she was getting better; then today her coughed sounded worse, but she still seemed better overall.  We went out to the mall earlier this afternoon to run some errands and while waiting outside the kiosk where Tom's watch was being repaired, all of a sudden Tera threw up the contents of three baby food pouches.  This was of course great timing (although I suppose it would have been worse inside a crowded store) and we had to rush to find a bathroom to change her in.  When I finally got her in what was thankfully a large bathroom with a lounge area big enough for her stroller and with some chairs, I took one look at her and didn't even know where to begin.  I finally got her cleaned up, changed (into some clothes that were apparently too small) and we headed home.

We got home, got her inside and her and I were sitting on the couch when it all happened again.  This time, of course it was on me and her and the couch.  We got her clothes off and decided it was time to call the doctor to see if we were going to the hospital.  The on-call doctor basically said that while it wasn't great that she was throwing up, if she wasn't running a fever and her breathing didn't sound labored, it wasn't an emergency but that we should plan on bringing her into sick call tomorrow morning to have them reevaluate her condition.  At that point I felt like it was time I got in the shower and so Tom gave her the two nebulizer treatments and her antibiotics.  By that time she was acting completely fine.  She played, was smiling, and being silly and signed "eat".  We gave her her yogurt and some noodles and while she didn't eat a ton, she ate enough and seemed fine doing it.   Shortly after finishing dinner and Skyping with her aunt, she started getting very tired and we decided that while a little early, given what had already happened, bedtime was probably not a bad idea.

We headed downstairs to try and relax and watch a movie and got about an hour in when we heard her throw up yet again.  We cleaned her up and despite Tom and I being devastated that our sweet little girl is suffering, she calmed down quickly and fell back asleep quickly as well.

After we got to the ER last time she was sick
Let me just state at this point that Tom and I don't even know how to describe how we're feeling.  We're both exhausted from all the stress of this week and a lack of sleep.  We're now also worried and confused as to what's going on with her.  Both of her last two cases of pneumonia started out as a cough for about a week then culminated in a fever spike and hours of throwing up which then led to the diagnosis of pneumonia  and during this last time, a trip to the ER and subsequent 24 hour stay from hell.  This time we think we caught it earlier, but the recovery and the effects from the steroid in her nebulizer treatment have lasted so much longer and now we don't even know if she's getting better.

I'm very certain that the throwing up is a result of her swallowing too much mucous, but I'm not sure if that's a good sign because she's getting it up out of her lungs but then ends up swallowing it, or a bad sign because there is still that much mucous present in her lungs and her coughs still don't seem productive enough to be clearing much.

Just as an informative side note: in Tera's case our theory as to why she's already had three cases of pneumonia is that when she gets a cold or any kind of upper respiratory infection, her low tone prevents her from producing a strong enough cough to clear the gunk out of her lungs and because of her asthma, it makes her more susceptible to these kind of infections which has resulted in her having pneumonia three times in nine months.

So there's our current situation.  We'll see what the rest of the night and tomorrow morning brings.

From Day 2 of her last case of pneumonia at the hospital

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