Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rough Sunday

Today was a rough day.  Tera was up at 4:45 and we figured out fairly quickly we'd have to take her to sick call  due to a nasty sounding cough, wheezing, and a fever.  Add to that our cat has started peeing in my office.  She's had various kidney issues in the past, but nothing for years.  After a week of some unusual behavior, I noticed the undeniable smell of cat pee and we've had to keep her upstairs since.  We have to take her in this week and we're already worried it's not going to be good news.  And if all that doesn't sound like enough fun, Tom and I are both experiencing incredible back pain.  We had both been looking forward to this weekend because it's the first Sunday in a while we haven't had plans and he hasn't played hockey and instead of a relaxing day at home, we had to take Tera to the doctor, go to Target to fill her Albuterol prescription, and go to Home Depot for a black light to find the cat pee.  That would have been enough but then Tera only took a 30 minute nap.

I won't lie, I was close to tears a few times today.  My little girl has an awful sounding cough that is a result of a cold and complications due to her asthma.  She also seems to be teething on top of the virus and lung issues.  I'm really worried about our cat and feel awful that she might be in pain.  And I'm so exhausted from a lack of sleep due to all of these things.

It's ironic that I just posted how lucky I was feeling and now all of this.  At one point today I was scrolling through some quotes I had found on Pinterest and I decided that instead of posting several of them on Facebook to illustrate my feelings, I would include them as part of my post tonight.  Think of this as a collage of feelings and thoughts that I'm experiencing today.
You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.Strong.just a little something I like to sayLol!!....happinessYEP!!Great quote on being a good mother.
This is a little old (almost a year), but it's one of my favorites and I needed a smile tonight...

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