Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

So I just reread my New Year's Day post from last year because I wanted to remember what I had hoped for and maybe what my goals were.

In my first post (which was actually on New Year's Day) I reflected on all that had happened in 2011 (Tera's birth and diagnosis, our closest friends having kids also, and my brother-in-law's cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgery and recovery) and at the end I wrote that hopefully one year later I would be able to say our year was fairly uneventful.  And you know what? In the grand scheme of our lives, it was uneventful.  I might not have said that during each of the three times Tera had pneumonia, or the two times she had tubes put in and had to be put under, or when we had to put our sweet dog to sleep and I thought my heart would break.  I probably wouldn't have said it during many of the other stressful times we've experienced, but compared to 2011, yes it was fairly uneventful.

This past year brought a lot of happiness and wonderful memories.  We celebrated Tera's first birthday, we were able to attend the Gigi's Gala, Tom and I had a few days away with just each other, Tera learned how to crawl and walk, we took her to an apple orchard for the first time, we went to the zoo a few times, Tom and I attended our first Down Syndrome conference, and we were able to spend lots of time with friends and family.

There were also some things that I wish didn't have to happen.  We lost our beloved puppy after a year of fighting cancer and I still miss her so much.  Tera got kind of sick a lot of times and really sick a few times.

There are a lot of things I'm sure I'm forgetting but these are the big ones I can remember and just like everything else that happens, these are all things that will shape who I am and what my family is and what we can handle.  I've stated here many times before I'm not a huge fan of the idea that we're only given what we can handle because I just don't believe it's always true, but I do believe that what you choose to handle and how you choose to handle things defines who you are.  I have watched so many strong people in my life experience things no one should have to handle and it's changed them and shaped them and that's all that I strive to accomplish with my experiences.

In the next year there will be incredibly joyous and amazing things that will happen to us and there will be things that will make us sad and upset and worried.  Like most people I hope that the joyous and amazing things far outweigh the sad, upsetting, and worrisome things, but we'll see what happens.  One year from now I hope I can have the same outlook I do today after last year.

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