Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pnuemonia Watch 2013

I knew before I became a mom that parenthood would be an emotional roller coaster, but like so many other things in life, I didn't truly understand it until I actually experienced it.  There are few other things in my life that have given me the kind of joy and pride that Tera has; sometimes I feel like I couldn't possibly love her anymore.  And at the same time, I've never experienced stress or worry like I have since she's been born.  We're currently on pneumonia watch again.

Since Sunday's sick call visit, Tera's cough hadn't gotten any worse, but it also hadn't gotten any better.  Tom and I just discussed this morning contacting the doctor to find out what our next step should be.  Then this morning we got a call from her school saying her cough had gotten much worse and that it had happened rather quickly.  I of course was in a meeting all day and couldn't be reached, but fortunately with technology being so wonderful, when I saw his text and the missed call from daycare, I was able to email her doctor from my phone and ask whether or not we should bring her in.  Of course, the doctor suggested we did.

The other wrinkle in our life right now is that our cat has also gotten more sick.  Without putting her through the stress of an x-ray to confirm, we are working under the assumption that she has stomach cancer.  At the same time that Tera got pneumonia the last time, they diagnosed our little kitten and said we might be able to make her more comfortable and keep her with us a little longer by giving her a steroid shot that should work for a month or so.  After the initial shot we noticed a vast improvement, but a few weeks back she began to show the same symptoms as before.  Tom's plan had been to bring her into the vet this afternoon to try the shot again and I was supposed to be able to try and workout.  But of course with Tera's worsening cough, plans had to be altered.  So like we did just a few months back, I took Tera in to the doctor to see about pneumonia and Tom took the cat in to see if we could fix her up a bit.

I had better news than he did (at least for now).  The doctor said Tera's lungs still sound clear, but when she had this last time it was located in the area right behind where her heart murmur is; which makes it very difficult to tell whether or not there is fluid in her chest, or just her very loud murmur.  We're going to try and fit in one more nebulizer treatment during the day and see how the next few days go.  If she doesn't get better, or if she gets worse, we'll probably have to bring her back in by Monday to recheck her lungs.  The cat on the other hand, didn't get as positive an outlook, but we're hoping the shot works as well as last time.

So here we are again.  We have a sick cat, a sick kid, Tom's still sick and has a slowly improving back injury, and I'm just hanging out trying to figure out what to fix first and how to fix it.  I'm hoping my wine helps with that.

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