Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Illness Update

These past few days have been a little stressful.  Sunday we knew Tera was getting worse and anticipated possibly having to take her to the doctor Monday night.  But she woke up okay, had a normal day at school, and seemed fine when I picked her up.  She was a little cranky toward the end of her speech session, but it was close to dinner so not unexpected.

We tried to give her dinner and she wanted pretty much nothing, then about 15 minutes later she fell asleep in her high chair; and she was out.  We decided to let her try and sleep a little since she was upright and could breathe better.  Around 5:45 I gave her the two nebulizer treatments and as soon as I pulled the mask off, she started to almost throw up. We also noticed she felt warmer and as I watched her chest move up and down, her breathing had definitely gotten faster.  We very calmly looked at each other and knew there were only two other times when this combination of events had happened and the last time it did, it landed her in the hospital for 24 hours.  We brought her upstairs to change her into her pajamas and Tom called the doctor on call.  While he was on hold, we tried to figure out how we would handle another trip to the ER.  We talked about what we should bring, who would stay with her while she was there if it had to be overnight, who we could call to come to the hospital the next day, and so on. I was very proud (mostly of myself because Tom is usually calm) of how we managed our anxiety and worry and just accepted that whatever the doctor said, we would handle.

After talking with the doctor we determined while definitely a scare, she wasn't quite to the same point as she was the last time this happened and that since we had the nebulizer this time, we could use that to help keep her clear.  We were given what to watch out for and told to call if it got any worse at all.

It was around 7pm by this time and so I just took her into our room to sit with her for a while to keep a better eye on her and to keep her elevated (and to very selfishly enjoy some serious snuggle time with my sick girl).  Around 8pm I decided it was probably a good idea to write sub plans just in case and get things ready in case we had to make a hasty exit.  We wanted to avoid putting her in her own crib until after 10 so we could do one last nebulizer treatment to hopefully get her through the night.  By this time her breathing had returned to closer to normal and I felt a little less worried laying her down.

We both got ready for bed and tried to prepare ourselves for what the night could bring.  It was definitely not as bad as it could have been, but she was up at 2am, 3am, and 4am at which point I just brought her back to our bed to keep her upright again and hopefully get her (and me) a little bit more sleep.  Around 5am we decided I should stay home with her and shortly after that she was up for good.

I brought her into sick call at the doctor's office the next morning and after listening to her lungs, and checking her ears, nose, and throat, the doctor determined she had a sinus infection, ear infection, and ear buildup.  She also thought she heard fluid so she sent us over to the radiologist's office for yet another chest x-ray.  I swear this kid is going to glow from radiation by the time she is five.  Fortunately they are quick over there and less than a half hour later we were told she did not appear to have pneumonia and that we should start her on a round of antibiotics for the infections.

Then today she had her appointment with the new pulmonologist.  After examining her and going through her extensive health history, I walked out of there with few answers, but a promise of some kind of information in the next few days.  He needed time to reread her history, examine all her x-rays, and hopefully get a copy of the blood work results from the allergist we saw last year regarding immune disorders.  What he did tell me was that the majority of her issues come from some flaws in her physical design (all interior of course, her exterior is pure perfection).  We pretty much already knew that, but at least it means what I've been telling people is true.  It also appears that some of her problems may be related to a more weakened immune system.  But hopefully I'll have more to share on that next week.

This is not the type of post I really enjoy doing because it doesn't change anything, but I know we have a LOT of very concerned family and friends that get their updates on her from here and I wanted to make sure I could share the information that I have.

On the plus side, last night went well with no waking up and despite the fact that her cough isn't any better, with any luck in the next day or two at least she won't have a sinus infection and ear infection to contend with.  Here's to hoping that tonight goes quietly as well...

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