Sunday, February 10, 2013

Short and not so sweet.

There have been a few times in the past 24 hours that I've wondered if I can handle this.  I feel dangerously close to losing it and the one of the only reasons I haven't is because my husband is truly incredible.   

Tera is sick again.  Her cough is worse, last night sucked and she was up for almost two hours and coughing even when she was sleeping.  I'm on little sleep, a lot of stress and worry, and he literally spent most of my waking minutes today trying to make me feel better.  He is in this with me and still managed to take such good care of me.  

Tonight will be one of those nights we go to bed wondering how many times we might be woken up by her cries, or worse, by her coughing or any signs of it getting worse.  She's back to four nebulizer treatments a day and we don't see the pulmonologist until Wednesday.  We're thinking there's a good chance we might be taking her into the pediatrician tomorrow, but we'll see how tonight and tomorrow go.  

In the times I did sleep last night, I slept wrong and my neck and shoulder are causing me crazy amounts of pain.  Tom played hockey Friday night while still recovering from his back pain and is in a precarious situation of making it worse.  Tera is coughing and teething, running low grade fevers on and off, not consistently eating her yogurt concoction that helps keep her stomach in check, and can't seem to sleep well.  We're worried, tired, and trying not to over-stress about what tonight and tomorrow could bring.  

It's killing us to have to do these breathing treatments all the time because she just looks so vulnerable during them and every time she coughs my heart hurts for her.  I'm mentally and physically exhausted and one of the only things that is keeping me on this side of sanity is Tom (and knowing that when I go to work tomorrow my fabulous co-workers and one of my best friends will inevitably keep me entertained and help me get through the day).

I hope to be able to write a more positive post tomorrow, until then, wish us luck.  

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  1. I wish I had the perfect words of encouragement for you guys, but all I know to say is that your post resonated with us....we're keeping you guys in our thoughts/prayers, and hope that somewhere along the way today - sleep, a much-anticipated milestone, a laugh - you get some rest and strength.