Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An "off" day for Tera

It really sucks when your kid has an "off" day at school and you know you weren't there to help fix it.  Everyday when we pick Tera up we get what I call a report card that gives us a rundown of her day; diaper changes, how she ate, if they played outside, any projects they may have done, and any other pertinent information.  We also occasionally get incident reports which let us know about something she did that she wasn't supposed to.  In Tera's case this typically means biting or pulling hair, but lately, mostly biting.  It's one of the things that we're trying to work on but it's difficult for us because she doesn't really do it at home.  Most of the time her teachers explain to us the situation she was in when the incident took place and together we try and figure out what the trigger or problem may have been.  Many times, these incidents take place in a week or a day when she isn't feeling well which makes it harder because I know she's just uncomfortable and doesn't know how to communicate it appropriately or how to react to her feelings.

Today seemed to be one of those days because when I picked her up, though she was acting fine at the time, she'd had a rough day.  There were multiple attempts at biting, but today her teacher wasn't able to tell why. Her teacher in the afternoon however, told us that Tera seems to be sensitive to loud noises and tends to get aggravated by them which sometimes leads to inappropriate behavior.  In addition to this she was pulling on her ear today and also on her own hair.  She was definitely frustrated when she got home as well and both Tom and I noticed a definite difference in her behavior from the past few days, so something was definitely "off" with her.

Now here's where my frustration really grows.  Tera seems to be having several minor issues that come and go each day for the past few days.  Now even with my vast medical knowledge gained since her birth, I'm not sure what to make of all these symptoms.  Over the weekend she seemed to have very watery eyes, had a harder time controlling her liquids while drinking, and had several episodes of spitting up on Sunday afternoon.  Since then we've added more thickener, which seems to have helped, but now she's tugging at her ears and rubbing her eyes all the time.  I have to assume that allergies are playing at least a part in this, but I have no idea how much of a part and what else might be going on.  She has a follow up with the pulmonologist on Monday and one with the ENT in a couple weeks.  Hopefully between the two of them we can maybe find some kind of issue and/or remedy.  But now I'm also worried about her sensitivity to noises and how that may be affecting her behavior and what that might mean in regards to her health.

The good news is that she is officially being moved up to the next classroom next week which Tom and I, along with her therapists, believe will help with some of her behavior issues because she'll be more challenged, but also hopefully with her development because she'll be around more age-appropriate kids.

Tonight I ordered her a weighted vest of her very own so we don't have to keep remembering to bring it back and forth to school and also a weighted blanket to see if that might help when she's supposed to be sitting still.  In the meantime we'll keep bringing her back to her sensory tables (water, rice, and sand) to try and help give her input, we'll keep having her carry her now 5 lb bag of beans back and forth to give her a safe weight to carry (also for input), and tomorrow I attempt to make homemade flubber.  I swear my kid is like some kind of experiment, but if it works, I will do whatever weird things I have to to make sure she's happy.  I'll post on the success of the flubber in the next day or two :)

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