Friday, June 28, 2013

Here Come the Hawks, The Mighty Blackhawks!

Today was a truly memorable day.  As many of you may have picked up, we are big hockey fans in the Theodore household.  Many of my maternity pictures featured us in Hawk gear, many of Tera's newborn pictures centered around hockey, her first birthday party was Blackhawk themed, and so you get the idea.  Blackhawk scrimmage game, I remember waiting in line to get Eddie Belfour's autograph, I remember knowing the names and numbers of the 1990's teams, I remember us having our own sticks and playing with my dad in our basement, I remember taking up figure skating because it wasn't really popular to be a girl who played hockey when I was a kid (and my mom would have killed me and my dad), and I remember developing my love for Bob Probert.  And then I remember meeting Tom, who also happened to play hockey; and how my dad pretty much approved of him on the spot as a result (oh yeah and he was really good to me too).
My dad played hockey and I remember as a kid crawling on my stomach in front of the TV when the Hawks were on so as not to block the view.  I remember sitting in the stands with my sisters watching him play, I remember going to the annual

And then I spent many a night as the only girlfriend in the freezing cold stands at 2am watching Tom play and then as the only wife in the stands every other Friday night watching Tom play.  I remember telling Tom it was probably a good idea that he get a sub for the weekend before I was due (which ended up being only hours before I had Tera and was the only game he missed that season).  I know that his hockey team has been a big supporter of Team Tera in the Gigi's 5K, and I know that one of the coolest things I've seen as a parent is my kid sitting IN the STANLEY CUP (also thanks to my dad).

This year we taught Tera to clap to the chant "Let's go Hawks, Let's go!".  And someday hopefully soon, she'll pick up her first stick and either try and score on her dad or learn from his years of experience how to master the blocker and glove hand saves.  We can't wait until they make skates her size so we can get her out on the ice and she will more than likely be dressed up like the Stay Puff marshmallow man like I was when my dad first taught me to skate.  So yes, hockey is big in our house.

And today Tom and I (yes we left Tera in the very capable hands of his parents and not with us) headed downtown at 5:45 in the morning to see our first Blackhawk's rally after winning the Stanley Cup this past Monday night.  We weren't able to go in 2010, but we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to go this time and I have to say it was pretty amazing.  Just to be in the presence of 2 million other fans made the city come alive with Blackhawk pride.  We have been fans through the years of not being able to see home games on TV, through the better years, the not so better years, and finally, the great years.  We have seen hockey dwindle in Chicago and then finally be allowed to grow into the amazing fan base that it is now.  I will admit, we tend to be a bit jaded towards those fair weather fans and those who didn't really know that hockey existed before Patrick Kane (our jerseys are proudly all before 2000), but it is still exciting to know that hockey is alive and well in Chicago once again.

And so now we have to catch up on all the shows we missed from this past season since we've pretty much only had hockey on since the playoffs started.  And it will give us something to do until the next season starts.  Here's to the Cup again in 2014!!!!!

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