Monday, July 22, 2013

Could she be too sweet?

I have the sweetest girl in the world.  That's not in relation to anything in particular, it just happens to be true.  She has been very affectionate lately and that may be because I get to spend so much more time with her or it's just her emerging personality; I'm not really sure why and I don't really care because it's the best thing in
the world.  I get hugs and kisses and smiles and it just makes my whole world better.  I'm really trying not to think about going back to work yet because I absolutely love waking up to her face.  We have this little game that we play when I walk into her room when she wakes up.  She usually smiles at me, then lays back down and rolls over not wanting to be picked up yet.  I stand next to her crib with my back to her and ask, "Where's Tera?" and she giggles and wraps her arms around my waist and waits for me to turn around to see her.  And then she signs "more" and we repeat the whole silly process until I finally just pick her up and I get a hug and a kiss.

She likes to snuggle with my arm while we're in the car and I reach back to play with her.  When I take her back to her room after a bath while she's all wrapped up in her towel she wraps her arms around my neck and doesn't want me to put her down.

And when she finally met her cousins this weekend and she saw her aunt and uncle walking up the driveway with their car seats she literally shrieked in excitement.  She absolutely loves "her babies" and I was so curious to see how she would react to meeting them in person.  I have to say for a two year old who's been the center of attention her whole life so far, she did pretty well.  She really just wanted to hug and kiss them and touch them and unfortunately the combination of their fragility and her toddler clumsiness made that difficult.  I did let her kiss their feet (the safest thing) and she just wanted to keep kissing them.  The hard part was when she wanted to be picked up by AC (Aunt Cassie) who can't actually pick her up due to the limitations following a c-section and because she was holding one of her cousins.  She just doesn't understand yet that they're so little.  We just have to be cognizant of the fact that it will take her a while to understand the whole situation and make sure if she starts to act out that I focus on her as much as possible when the babies are around.

In the meantime I'm just going to enjoy my own daughter's sweetness and every second of every hug and every kiss.

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