Wednesday, July 10, 2013

When does the fun start?

Oh where to begin.  In the past few weeks I've been lamenting how much of our summer is full of appointments.  Doctors, specialists, and therapies all have their place on our calendar and it was really beginning to bother me.  I kept reading about all these fun things other people were doing like interesting day trips, spontaneous outings, trips to the pool, going to the movies on rainy days, etc.  Some of those times I've had to set aside several hours between drive time, wait time, and actual visit time to a specialist.  Or had a therapy session scheduled for the only time that week that our schedule and the therapist's schedule allow.  Or had to work around a nap time right in the middle of the day.  Or, like last weekend, had to spend several hours of the holiday weekend in ER for what ended up being a bladder infection that was causing a dangerously high fever in Tera.

The summer is really the easiest time for me to schedule many of these appointments because most pediatric specialists have limited availability and so the summer makes it easier to get in during the day when I don't have to take off of work.  We've either already had or have scheduled appointments with the pulmonologist, ENT, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, eye doctor, and pediatrician.  That doesn't include the unplanned visit to the pediatrician this week as a follow up to her ER visit or the testing we're going to have to get her in for when she's done with her medicine to see if she has kidney reflux.  It also doesn't include all the appointments I have to make for myself that I try and do during the summer because it's easier (eye doctor, dentist, ongoing chiropractor...)  Oh yeah, and Tom has to get his wisdom teeth pulled next month.

So I was thinking about and mad about of this for a while.  Then last weekend we finally got a chance to do some of the things we've been wanting to do.  Tera's been able to play in her sand box, we had a great time on the 4th July at our friend's house and she got to play in the pool with her buddy, we took her to Lambs Farm, and we went to a restaurant on a beach and she got to play in the sand and the lake.  Even Saturday morning before she got really sick we were able to go to a pet parade at our town's holiday fest.  Sunday we tried to salvage what was left of the weekend and went on a little shopping trip for some retail therapy that mostly involved buying stuff for the girl who'd had to endure so much.  We ended the weekend setting up her pool and having her aunt and uncle come over (unfortunately the pool was a little cold and she ended up spiking a fever again and throwing up, but she still ended up having a great time being silly with her aunt and uncle).  And then today WE got to go to the pool with some friends and we got to have more fun.

I haven't felt as bad since last weekend.  At least about that.

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