Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to reality...

I'm back at work.  It's been four days and although I feel back in some kind of routine, I miss Tera like crazy.  I miss the little things mostly.

I miss going in to her room in the morning and playing our little hide-and-seek game.  I miss being able to give her breakfast (even when she frustrated the hell out of me by not eating anything).  I miss knowing how her day was because I was there with her.  I miss all the kisses and hugs I can give and get during the day.

I don't like the adjustment period she has when she gets home.  She can be kind of cranky, she's often tired and/or hungry.  And most of our nights are full of things we have to get done (lunches, bath, brushing teeth, nebulizer, etc).  In the mornings, Tom has to wake her up to get her medicine in before she goes to school.  Getting her dressed when she's not ready can be a struggle.  The really hard part is when she wants to play, but we have to finish getting ready to go.  I hate not being able to just let her be herself and all her craziness.

All that being said, two days in, my 11th school year is starting off rather well.  I haven't lost hope yet and after a modification of my first day intro, my students have all been very respectful and overall pleasant.  I'm looking forward to a great year.

And finally, to share the results of Tera's tests from last week.  Her kidney test came back negative for reflux, so that's really good.  They did find a possible defect at the junction of her urethra and kidney.  It might be residual stuff (very technical term on my part) from her infection or the antibiotics so they're going to recheck her in six months.  The doctor said if it is a defect, it's not causing any issues yet so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.  This whole going in for one problem and finding another is not exactly what I had in mind, but we'll deal with whatever happens, as always.  On the plus side, the ENT said her ears look good for now so we don't need to do new tubes yet.  She'll also have that rechecked in six months.

Right now I'm looking forward to a great weekend with Tom, Tera, and my sisters and nieces.   More posts next week!

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